Ottawa police document detailing Freedom Convoy parking plan not shared with Congress: MP


Conservative MP Larry Bullock has been accused of misrepresenting a demonstration earlier this year after a document specifying the Freedom Convoy protest route and parking plan was approved by Ottawa police but was not shared with the public or parliament. He said he was connected.

Addressing a special joint committee on the declaration of a state of emergency on 6 October, Brock said: 7 page documentIt was entitled “Ottawa Police Ottawa Truck Convoy”.

“I didn’t want to use the word permission, but [there was] Permission to park their cars in a specific spot within the Capitol,” Bullock asked Peter Slowly, the former commissioner of the Ottawa Police Service (OPS).

Sloly resigned as Ottawa Police Chief on Feb. 15 amid three weeks of protests against federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates. He was invited to testify before a joint committee currently considering the government’s invocation of the emergency law on February 14. The commission will grant police additional powers to remove demonstrators in escalated operations over the next few days.

“One area I would like to confirm with you is that the government has not shared that detail with Congress. and they took those steps to park without consulting with your service or the City of Ottawa…that’s not true, is it?” Bullock asked.

He also said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “did not share with the government that there was an actual plan, an approval.”

Slowly declined to comment on behalf of the prime minister’s office, but said, “It is standard practice for police liaison teams to negotiate with demonstrators who come to the city for any reason and try to coordinate it wherever possible. I will,” he said.

Epoch Times photo
Truckers and their supporters protest COVID-19 vaccination mandates for cross-border truckers as trucks are parked on Wellington Street near the Houses of Parliament in Ottawa, Canada, January 29, 2022 Participating in a convoy. (Patrick Doyle/Reuters)

Bullock’s remarks followed a similar question from Conservative MP Glenn Mots, who asked whether organizers had asked for permission as to where to park their cars before arriving in the capital.

“Permits have been given to them by the city and the Ottawa Police Department. [Wellington Street] … is that correct? ” asked Mots.

“The word ‘permissions’ is a word we don’t use very often,” Sloly says. “Communications and negotiations have taken place on how best to mitigate the public safety impact of such large-scale rallies and demonstrations in the city. There was

The Epoch Times reached out to both the Prime Minister’s Office and OPS for comment, but did not immediately receive a response.


Cars involved in protests to avoid disturbing residents between major convoy organizer Tamara Rich and the city of Ottawa before the liberal government invoked the emergency law, according to negotiators of the deal. reached an agreement to relocate the .

“We didn’t support additional vehicles entering the Red Zone area, but we would support vehicles departing from any part of the downtown area,” Slowly told the joint committee. .

Larry Brookson, director of the Congressional Protection Service (PPS), which is responsible for security on Parliament Hill, has a different view.

Brookson, who testified at the Joint Committee’s last meeting on Sept. 29, said he wanted to raise concerns with Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson about the motorcade’s return to Wellington Street.

The PPS did not have jurisdiction beyond the district of Parliament Hill, but Brookson told the commission that had he been in charge of the area, “the street would have been blocked.”

“My concern is when [the convoy protest] Wellington Street already has a lot of vehicles and that was the first weekend,” he said.

“During the first weekend, some of the vehicles leaving at night began to be removed. It was the backfilling of vehicles that they decided to leave on their own initiative.”

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a reporter for the Epoch Times based in Toronto.