Ottawa police’s new measures against protesting truck drivers have been used by a “repressive regime,” says the organizer’s lawyer.

Freedom Convoy protests COVID-19’s order in Ottawa, saying the new measures announced by the Ottawa police chief to protesters of the truck convoy were used by oppressive governments around the world. The lawyer on behalf of the organizer says.

“He has virtually announced that he will deprive the Canadians of the rights to the Canadian Charter on Peaceful Rally and Freedom of Expression,” said Keith Wilson, a lawyer at the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedom. Said In the video on February 4th.

Peter Sloly, Head of Ottawa Police Services (OPS), Said At a press conference on February 4, police will implement a “population and containment strategy” to deal with protesters camping in Ottawa.

This strategy involves sending an additional 150 police officers to the protest area in the heart of downtown Ottawa, blocking the protest area with concrete and heavy equipment barriers. Even if “Increased efforts” by national, state, and local intelligence agencies targeting protesters who “fund / support / enable illegal and harmful activities.”

“Our inhabitants are frustrated and angry. They have all the rights. Their lives continue to be seriously affected by illegal and dangerous events,” Slowley said.

“Executives and our partners focus on demonstrators-related illicit activity. Surge delivers a clear message to demonstrators: lawlessness must end.”

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Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly will speak at a press conference in Ottawa on February 4, 2022. (Canada Press / Justin Tan)

Slowly added that demonstrators in the core area are “highly organized, well-funded and very enthusiastic about resisting any attempt to end the demonstration safely.” ..

Wilson called Throlly’s announcement “disturbing” and said it “should bother Canadians and people around the world who support this trucker’s protest for freedom.”

“The police chief basically announced the assault on the protesters. He said that very specific measures that we would normally only be initiated by oppressive governments around the world would be initiated. I announced it, “he said.

The Epoch Times asked the Ottawa police for comment, but did not immediately respond.

Tom Marazzo, who assists the organizer as a police liaison, said at a press conference on February 4, Throry’s “Statement and Action” was “potential violence against peaceful protesters in Freedom 2022 Convoy.” The conditions were intentionally set. “

“OPS is fully aware that much of the ongoing investigation has begun as a result of reporting the incidents witnessed by truck drivers. This protest was peaceful. We have been working together. However, we will continue to cooperate with OPS and PPS. [Parliamentary Protective Service]”Marazzo said.

Marazzo said Freedom Convoy does not tolerate aggressive or violent behavior, and anyone who exhibits such behavior should be held individually liable.

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A truck parked in downtown Ottawa as demonstrators continued to protest COVID-19 obligations and restrictions on February 2, 2022. (Jonathan Ren / The Epoch Times)

He added that Ottawa taxpayers call the city their hometown, but all taxpayers call Ottawa the capital of their country. He said many Ottawa residents have invited protesters to their homes for meals and breaks.

The Freedom Convoy movement initially began as a truck driver protest against the federal government’s COVID-19 obligations for cross-border travel. But since then, it has attracted many followers from all over Canada who want to put an end to all COVID-19 obligations and restrictions.

Protesters will gather in Ottawa on January 29, and many will stay until the COVID-19 order is lifted.

Tom said he has built strong partnerships with local law enforcement agencies and members of OPS and PPS, but not police service leaders.

“In my negotiations with them, they chose to take a hostage negotiation stance rather than working towards a safe, peaceful and responsible relationship that may exist in the coming months.” He said.

Daniel Bruford, a former RCMP officer who has left the army for a vaccine mission and is now supporting protesters, said many media reports misrepresented crimes committed by others with protesters. ..

In one example, he tells police about someone posting on social media claiming to have a weapon and says people shouldn’t go to protest because “it’s evil.” He said the police thanked him for the information. However, he later saw media reports falsely claiming that the person had been arrested on charges related to Freedom Convoy.

Bruford added that the protesting truck driver was a victim of vandalism.

“Many trucks were destroyed and spray-painted all night,” he said at a press conference on February 4.

Omid Ghoreishi


Omid Ghoreishi is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.