Ottawa protesters clash with police over orders

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Ottawa police arrest as a move taken to clear the protest site

On Friday, February 18, police in Ottawa began arresting demonstrators who towed trucks and refused to leave after a week-long protest against a vaccine order near Parliament of Canada. You need to “immediately remove” your car or other property from “illegal protest sites” or face arrest. The footage here shows that demonstrators are trying to maintain their position by lining up to turn the police face down, saying they have the right to protest, and comparing them. Canadian authorities’ actions against what was done. During a brief conflict on Rideau Street where police and protesters pushed each other, one protester urged another to “hang up” and another protester called the police officer “Gestapo”. Call. The operation centered on Nicholas and Rido streets, arresting and towing four vehicles from the area. The police said: Children are taken to a safe place. Credit: Caryma Sa’d via Storyful

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