Ottawa pursues Ontario’s failed energy policy as the former Prime Minister admits mistakes: Experts

Former Ontario liberal Prime Minister Kathleen Wynne said in a recent interview with McLeans that her energy file score was low. Affordable energy advocates warn that the federal government is on the same path as Ontario.

“I have a very low score on electricity prices. I believed that the investment we made in the electricity sector was important,” Winn said. Said McLean’s Paul Wells.

“We were going to make major changes in supply mix and grid greening, and investing in the grid. I think we invested $ 50 billion in grid upgrades. I believed that. . “

Win said the state had a lot of debt and was warned that energy prices would rise, but she said she hadn’t taken it “seriously.”

CD Howe Report As announced in June 2021, Ontario’s electricity system costs rose from $ 12 billion in 2006 to $ 21 billion in 2019, but demand fell by 10% over the same period.

Win was Prime Minister from 2013 to 2018, before which he held various ministerial positions.

Former Liberal Party member (1993–2011), who spent 37 years on party machinery and now heads the Canadian, an affordable energy advocate, said Dan McTigg, a federal Liberal Party if he wants to avoid the fate of the Ontario Liberal Party. The Liberal Party says it should pay attention.

“I think it may be the time and place for the Liberal siege and the people who robbed it across the green side and hijacked it, eventually packing it and overcoming all the damage they did,” he said. Said. Epoch Times.

“I’m explaining why the Liberal Party has dropped to seven seats in Ontario, and if it’s too late, if the Liberal Party doesn’t start paying attention to Kathleen Win’s actions, it’ll follow the same fate. think.”

Win also worked on a gas plant scandal that was considered a politically motivated cancellation of the Mississauga and Oakville plants at a much higher cost than originally announced. It could also have affected Prime Minister Dalton McGuinty’s resignation and landed his personnel in jail for destroying the trail of e-paper.

“When we fall into a situation that defends what happened around the gas plant decision, you notice: Holy mackerel. Why did it happen? How did we come here? Of this Which part did you pay attention to? “Win said.

Win, who has been the MPP for Don Valley West Riding in Toronto since 2003, will not run for this year’s elections.

Canadians are beginning to face an affordable crisis as energy prices rise, which drives commodity prices to rise, and McTeeg says politicians quickly feel enthusiastic and have to re-orient themselves. I am saying.

Known and sought after for gas price forecasts, Mr. McTigg said the country is “towards an economic barrier,” with an average national gas price of $ 1.65.

“This is 2022. The federal government has two taxes, $ 100 oil, a weak Canadian dollar, and there could be nothing to rely on,” he says.

These taxes are an annually increasing carbon tax and a clean fuel standard that will come into force in December.

At some point, McTigg says that living expenses will be an “overkill bridge” for many, and they are the first to blame politicians. “If the liberals wish to die, continue the course.”

“After overcoming the pandemic and past the point where the government inflates the economy, I think many liberals will rethink what you have embarked on in this fantastic world of magic and myth that you despise. Most countries will give our abundant and affordable energy sector the right arm. “

Noe Chartier


Noé Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.