Ottawa returns to bill to end strike at Montreal harbor

Port workers on strike from the port of Montreal will walk the picket line on the first day of the strike in Montreal on April 26, 2021. .. (Paul Chiasson / Canadian Press)

Montreal — Federal Minister of Labor Filomena Tassi has submitted a bill to end a strike involving 1,150 port workers at the port of Montreal.

The move has received a lot of feedback from Mark Ranger, the head of the Quebec branch of the Canadian Civil Service Union. He called the bill an insult to all workers in the country.

Tashi’s bill has forced union members to return to work, which will be discussed at the House of Commons today.

After port workers began a strike on Monday morning, operations at the port of Montreal were shut down and the facility was completely closed.

Port workers haven’t had a contract since December 2018 and began refusing overtime and weekend work earlier this month. The union previously went on strike for 10 days in August.

Mr Tashi said the federal government had to intervene because the strike could have a long-term impact on Canada’s economy.

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