Ottawa venue expands seating for Jordan Peterson lecture as group tries to cancel it

Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson thanked the ‘awakened mob’ for bringing more attention to the Ottawa stop for trying to cancel the ‘Beyond Order’ tour’s stop in Ottawa. bottom. Canadian Tire’s center in Ottawa has expanded its seating capacity to accommodate increased demand, Peterson said.

“Thanks to all 36 groups protesting the talk scheduled for January 30 in Ottawa (many funded by @ Justin Trudeauliberals) were forced to expand their seats to accommodate all the extra ticket buyers,” Peterson said. murmured on Monday.

Among the signatories letter Calling on the Center to cancel Peterson’s appearance was the Canadian Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity, Planned Parenthood Ottawa, Canada’s Hate Prevention Network, and the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women. These groups receive some funding from the Liberal government.

The group began the letter by criticizing Peterson’s support for Freedom Convoy. They said they represented residents of Ottawa who “experienced the traumatic events of the far-right occupation of our city”. accused of being They gave examples of his opposition to Bill C-16, which would amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to add gender identity and expression to the list of prohibited grounds for discrimination.

When Peterson served as a witness before the Canadian Senate on Bill C-16 in 2017, He said, “I think the most pernicious element of the policy is that it requires coercive speech.” said to have shown that

Peterson continued, “The Ontario Commission on Human Rights believes that refusal to refer to a person by their self-identifying name and appropriate personal pronouns (which I objected to) could be construed as harassment.” In the first place, it requires Canadians to issue a specific form of speech with a specific ideological connotation. I think this is terrifying because the law never existed.”

Many of the groups that signed the letter were LGBTQ advocacy groups, including Bright Light Veterinary Eye Care, Mississippi Valley Textile Museum and the Ottawa Historical Fencing Society. Canadian Civil Service Union Local 2626 also signed.

Commenting on his talk in Ottawa, Peterson said on Twitter: Thank you, once again, awakened mobs.

ticket master show The net capacity of the event is 18,001. As of Thursday morning, we were told there were over 550 tickets left. Canadian Tire part of the description of the event on his center’s website reads: and schizophrenia, has served as a senior counsel to her partner in a major Canadian law firm and has lectured extensively in North America and Europe. “

The group’s letter stated that if the Canadian Tire Center and others associated with the event “genuinely respect the lives and well-being of the equity-seeking groups throughout the city of Ottawa, they will act swiftly and make this show a reality.” will cooperate to prevent the event from being held.” in this city. “

The Canadian Tire Center has not responded to Epoch Times inquiries regarding objections to Peterson’s appearance at the time of publication.