Ottawa’s Climate Program Everywhere A Note for Government


Ottawa city politicians have greatly benefited us all in our climate change program. Of course, with 0.014% of world emissions, what Ottawa does does not make any difference to the world’s climate. By allowing planned forecasts to exceed $ 57 billion, Ottawa becomes a warning story of what happens inevitably when fiscal policy and rigorous science and engineering subordinate to ideology and extraordinary pressure politics. It means that it was set as.

That’s exactly what the Ottawa leaders did. To appease loud and uninformed activists, the city is unable to do well, but hopelessly it will cause great financial distress to local residents and businesses for the benefit of the environment. Brought a simple strategy to.

As if it wasn’t bad enough, Ottawa’s climate policy contributed to the growing ecological and humanitarian disasters of harsh working conditions and pollution in countries where raw materials for “green” energy components are supplied. increase.

The city’s climate change program originated from a localized flood in the spring of 2019 and a series of tornadoes that struck the area the previous year. Of course, they had nothing to do with climate change. Floods were caused by poor management of the annual outflow of snowmelt. Explained by Dr. Madab Kandekar, a former environmental Canadian research scientist and now a member of the Scientific Advisory Group. International Climate Science Coalition – Canada, The tornado was caused by natural weather conditions.

However, as a result of these events and pressure from climate change activists, local politicians have officially stated thatClimate emergencyAnd instruct city officials to make a plan accordingly.Result is Climate change master plan And that similarly wrong sister document, Evolution of energy..

As a result of these plans, the city of Ottawa is now intended to radically change the way Ottawa is moved, home and company heating, power generation, products used, etc., in the name of halting climate change. .. In Ottawa, the world’s seventh coldest capital, the mayor and city council now seem to be sticking to stopping global warming when cold weather kills 20 times more people than hot weather around the world. ..

But when locals come to understand the huge scale of the city’s “Net Zero by 2050” plan, it certainly gets hooked. 36 square kilometers of rooftop solar panels, 710 industrial wind turbines higher than the Peace Tower of the Houses of Parliament. 122 large shipping containers of lithium batteries for power storage. No one knows where all of this will be discarded when worn. “Green” energy waste cannot be dumped in landfills unless the nightmare of toxic pollution is needed, as chemicals and other substances such as lead will seep out as they decompose.

And who wants to live near a 50-story industrial wind turbine? Australian Wind Power Group, Stop these things, Summarize the situation well:

“Unless you live with it, you won’t know what it’s like to suffer from a constant wind turbine that produces low and infrasound. The ruins of an abandoned house wherever it works are evidence of the fact that the noise is intolerable. “

Millions of birds and bats slaughtered by wind turbines are familiar to most people. Less appreciated are the environmental destruction and human rights violations caused by the mining and manufacturing required to manufacture renewable energy machinery. For example, when mining rare earth metals needed for “green” energy, about 90% of what is lifted from the ground contains uranium, thorium, and other radionuclides. This radioactive waste can pose a serious risk if not properly disposed of. In Heilongjiang Province, China, toxic dust carpets cover agricultural areas. And, of course, China controls most of the lithium and cobalt used in renewable energy. Renewable energy is often produced in child labor and labor close to slavery, with little health, safety or environmental protection.

of “Exposure: Child labor Marc Dummett, Amnesty International’s business and human rights researcher, explains: “Attractive shop exhibits and state-of-the-art marketing are in stark contrast to children carrying rock bags, and narrow man-made tunnel miners at risk of permanent lung damage.”

And for what? Intermittent wind and solar power that causes power outages when the wind stops or the sun sets behind clouds? A safe and prosperous city is not possible with a weak grid, and once the Climate Change Master Plan is in effect, Ottawa’s grid will be the weakest imaginable.

When the temperature plummeted in Texas last February and wind and solar power failed, the state suffered US $ 200 billion and an estimated 250-700 people died. If this happened in Ottawa at a cold depth of -30 ° C, it would be much worse. And since the city plans to run all buses and private cars on battery power, of course, powered by wind and solar power, transportation will stop.

The city’s comprehensive vision is to “migrate Ottawa to a clean, renewable and resilient city by 2050,” but instead, locals suffer from regular power outages and business failures. I live in a polluted, vulnerable and bankrupt city.

At the very least, it will serve as an example that other governments should not follow.

To read the ICSC-Canada Report on Ottawa’s Climate Change Plan click here.

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Tom Harris


Tom Harris is a managing director of the Canada-based nonpartisan Ottawa International Animation Festival.