Our politicians need to speak to protect women’s rights in sports


2021 Report on Canadian women and girls in sports It was found that one in four girls who participated in the sport at least once a week before COVID-19 did not return when the restrictions were lifted. One of the few reasons cited was “lack of self-confidence.”

All good coaches know that girls and boys achieve exercise confidence in different ways. In essence, competitive boys strive for higher performance in order to be accepted by their peers. For girls, acceptance from peers gives them the confidence to strive for higher performance. As stated in the report, girls consider sports to be one of many “interests”. It can take time and encouragement before they commit to long distances in serious athletics.

Therefore, the girl’s interest in athletics rather than the obsession between sports scholars and sports associations for the privilege of “inclusion” in sports by men who identify women as women rather than the principles of impartiality and safety. Nothing can be calculated to the detriment.

In March, high-performance Canadian coach Linda Blade stays in Atlanta, Georgia, and swimmer Lia Thomas (a certified female) wins the National Collegiate Athletic Association Women’s title in a 500m freestyle swim. I witnessed that. The on-site media, fascinated by the story of “inclusion”, is not interested in investigating the impact on women forced to compete with the mighty Thomas, as Braid was in a good place to observe. was. Female performance ability. Like Blade, I didn’t see some swimmers crying in the hallway.

Blade is also the president Athletics Alberta, Its sports policy is based on biological reality and the advantages of fairness and safety. She joins the “Gender Committee” with colleagues from nine other states, all forming the right to vote. Athletics Canada (AC) policy. Until 2018, transgender athletes had to present evidence of two years of hormone therapy and a social presentation of the opposite sex to qualify across departments. Currently, Blade colleagues suggest that a simple declaration of women’s self-identification and testosterone suppression should be sufficient to enter the women’s sector.

If approved, AC will stamp officially in tolerant 2016 Guidelines Recommended by the Canadian Center for Sport Ethics (CCES) and is currently compliant with almost all Canadian sports associations. The CCES guidelines are so loose that men can self-identify to women’s sports in one season and return to men’s sports in the next season. Or you can self-identify one sport as a woman and another as a man. Blade is the only state member of AC who opposes the proposal. The fierce criticism of her policy under discussion has slowed, but unfortunately it has not stopped its progress.

Athletics Canada will be held in Halifax in mid-May for three days and the proposal will be adopted as a national convention policy. According to Blade, AC does not want a “no” vote in the record, so a meeting will be held before the final vote to ensure unanimous. Blade hopes that her own stick in the circle of consensus may succeed in delaying the vote. She believes that time is a friend of women’s gender-based rights on this issue. For a vigilant observer, the transdogma ice is finally beginning to melt under the sunny rays of objective scrutiny. Reasonable spring green shoots are occurring at home and abroad.

For example, in December, the Ottawa-based Macdonald-Laurier Institute announced something boldly decisive. Report Titled “Fair Games: Biology, Fairness and Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports”. Unlike the group that devised CCES guidelines that do not include biologists, female athletes, or coaches, the authors of MLI have a highly credible publication that covers the full range of relevant scientific and ethical factors. He was an indifferent scholar. Irrefutable evidence was presented to prove that testosterone suppression rarely offsets the enormous benefits of post-pubertal men that elite male athletes bring to women’s sports. The report found that there is no scenario that can guarantee that women’s equity and safety are in harmony with the inclusion of men’s transidentities.

England, which has taken the course of debate further, has seen a clear cooling of the enthusiasm for the male body, which occupies women’s sports. In May 2021, Emily Bridge (formerly Zackbridge), a 21-year-old male cyclist, is now recognized as a woman and finished 43rd out of 45 riders in the elite men’s race. In September, Bridges finished the penultimate finish in the Welsh National Road Race Championship, 12km behind the winner. Bridges, which started hormone therapy to lower testosterone levels last year, will race with women at the British National Omnium Championship, where athletes were expected to finish among finalists, including five Olympic champions. It was planned. Dame Laura Kenny. However, Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has declared that the bridge is ineligible for technical reasons (athletes are still registered as male cyclists).

It ’s one of the encouraging things,Normal function The story reports that many female riders are considering boycotting the event instead of crying quietly in the dark. The BBC “protects health and safety” and “to show the fundamental values ​​and meanings of sports and to ensure fair and meaningful competition to reward, even if athletes meet the eligibility criteria, the UCI He said the bridge could be forbidden to cycle with women. “

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has publicly overturned this important perception that the inclusion-exclusion principle cannot be as absolute as it believes CCES and AC are desirable. Said: “I don’t think biological men should attend women’s sporting events. It may be controversial, but it seems wise to me.” (He “I think women should have women-only spaces such as hospitals, prisons, and changing rooms,” he added.

Boris Johnson, to say the least, can say publicly that 90% of Canadians, estimated to believe in this issue, are not afraid that the Earth will swallow him altogether. So why don’t conservative politicians touch this third rail at 10? Foot pole?

Pierre Polyevre, the front runner of the Canadian Conservative Party leader, has finally been welcomed by many admirers as a truly courageous Conservative Party. But apparently, I’m not brave enough.

Within 10 years, he and other politicians will play a competitive sport for women for the faranks of male body athletes cursed by half-hearted physical talents that will create a desire for the glory of sports. Has not expressed a desire to address significant cultural changes that could effectively transform Plan B. Miraculously, embarrassingly appearing from sleep to full awakening, previously dormant. Matches Epiphany to discover the soul of a woman.

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Barbara Kay


Barbara Kay is a columnist and writer. Her latest writing project is co-authored with Linda Blade in the book “Unsporting: How Trans Activism and Science Denialis Destroying Sport”.