“Our society is really completely crazy,” Fauci wrote in an email.New Mexico Offers $ 5 Million Immunization Award: Latest COVID Update

An email sent by Dr. Anthony Fauci in the early days of the pandemic reflects the thoughts of a patient but tired man who was surprised by a celebrity overnight.

Hundreds of emails Washington Post And other media organizations through the requirements of the Information Disclosure Act. Fauci often gives detailed answers to hundreds of questioners he does not know. Fauci has also repeatedly contacted George Gao, the head of the Chinese infectious disease authority. When Fauci was accused by Trump’s supporters of closing schools, weakening the economy and supporting the rules of social distance that threatened Trump’s prospects for reelection, Gao Sent a letter of encouragement.

“Thank you very much,” Fauci replied three days later. “Everything is going well, even though there are crazy people in this world.”

Fauci was amazed at the April 2020 story titled “Cuomo Crash” and “Forsi Fever”. The sexualization of these men is true on the internet. Fauci is in his email. Was forwarded to someone whose personal information was edited and encouraged to click the link.

“It will blow your mind. Our society is really completely crazy,” Fauci writes.

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► Alaska has begun offering coronavirus vaccinations at the airport in time for the summer travel season. Vaccine eligibility has been expanded to include everyone over the age of 12 in Alaska, including visitors from other states and countries.

► At least 540 people have been quarantined after a coronavirus outbreak in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, leading to a traditional celebration for high school students driving and drinking by bus.

► Most of Ohio’s COVID-related health orders are Mask requirements, capacity limits, social distance guidelines, etc., It ends today. Governor Mike DeWine announced the move on May 12 because of the effectiveness of the vaccine.

► President Joe Biden will share the latest information on the country’s response to COVID-19 and the progress of its vaccination program on Wednesday afternoon. This speech was given as the state continues to step up vaccination ahead of the government’s goal of immunizing 70% of adults in the United States with at least one COVID-19.

Hey hey Today’s numbers: In the United States, more than 33.2 million cases of coronavirus have been identified, with 595,200 deaths. According to data from Johns Hopkins UniversityGlobal total: Over 171 million cases and 3.55 million deaths. Over 135.8 million Americans are fully vaccinated – 40.9% of the population, According to the CDC..

Cold and warm What we are reading: The World Health Organization has renamed a variant of COVID-19 with a Greek letter name. The reason is as follows. Read the full text..

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Indiana University requires vaccination but no proof

Indiana University has relaxed vaccination requirements in response to protests from many state authorities after proposing that students and employees provide evidence of shots. Under the revised requirements, students and employees can prove vaccination without submitting vaccination documents. The university also said the form would be available for those requesting an exemption from vaccine requirements for medical or religious reasons. President Michael Macroby said in a statement that the university’s primary concern Said to ensure the health and safety of students and staff.

“This requirement makes it a reality to’return to normal’in the fall semester,” he said.

Studies suggest that vaccination alone may not end the pandemic

Stable vaccination rates have resulted in reduced infections, hospitalizations and mortality, but new studies suggest that they may not be sufficient to end the coronavirus pandemic. Masks and Society Target distance and widespread vaccination had the greatest impact on limiting infection and mortality, but if quarantine protection was lifted, infections would continue to increase, according to a team of researchers at the University of North Carolina. New research.

“Our study found that about 1.8 million people were infected in 11 months with a more effective COVID-19 vaccine, higher vaccination rates, and maintenance of NPI (non-pharmaceutical intervention) for a population of 10.5 million. And suggests that it can prevent the deaths of 8,000 people. Keep a distance and use face masks, “they wrote.

Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new controversial guidance. Fully vaccinated Americans do not need to wear a maskThe same is true indoors, except in crowded environments such as planes, buses and medical facilities.

EU launches vaccine passport program

European Union EU Digital COVID Certificate The whole area. The “Digital Pass” creates a single hub for all EU citizens to retain vaccination and COVID-19 status when traveling across national borders. The Digital Pass creates a unique QR for everyone. The code is used and the paper QR code can be accessed by anyone without a device. So far, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Croatia and Poland have passed technical tests and have begun issuing EU certificates.

New Mexico launches vaccine lottery with a $ 5 million grand prize.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham said in a statement Tuesday that vaccination with COVID-19 is “the right thing for you, your family, and your state.” There may be money inside.

The Governor has announced that the State Department of Health and the New Mexico Lottery will jointly launch a “Vax 2 the Max” sweepstakes. -2 Coronavirus. The New Mexico Grand Prize, funded by the Federal Pandemic Relief Fund, outperforms the Vaccine Lottery Awards offered in California and Ohio. California has offered a $ 1.5 million grand prize. New Mexico is one of the poorest states in the country, with a per capita income of around $ 45,800, ranked 48th, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the US Department of Commerce.

–Algernon D’Ammassa, Las Cruces Sun-News

In some states, more people are vaccinated inside prisons than outside prisons.

While some states, including California, have higher rates of vaccination of individuals in prisons than outside, others struggle to vaccinate residents of prisons.

“Education is really important,” said Lauren Brinkley Rubinstein, a professor at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. COVID Prison ProjectSaid to The New York Times. “Education is even more important, especially in prison situations, where distrust of both medical and orthodontic staff tends to be strong,” she said.

According to project data, more than 73% of prison inmates in California and Kansas have been vaccinated with at least one new coronavirus. In contrast, according to the Times, 56% of all Californians receive their first dose. The prison population has been hit hardest. The prevalence of imprisoned people is reported to be more than five times higher than in the country as a whole. Equal Justice Initiative.

Experts recommend Taiwan to take a stricter social distance

Although few cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Taiwan for nearly a year, recent epidemics indicate that containment strategies alone are not a sustainable long-term solution to coronavirus infection. Benjamin Cowling, a professor of public health at the University of Hong Kong and head of epidemiology and biostatistics, said: Told CNBC It means that the new variant is responsible.

“Probably less than 1% of the population is naturally infected, and therefore has innate immunity, and less than 1% is vaccinated, so it is almost completely susceptible to infection,” Cowling said.

As of Monday, more than 8,500 COVID cases were confirmed in Taiwan and 124 were reported dead. Given the slow progress of national vaccination, Cowling suggested that Taiwanese authorities take a stricter social distance to combat the epidemic.

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY. COVID Update: An email about Fauci’s pandemic has been published. NM vaccine lottery