Ousters upset in the middle of the 2022 primary season


Columbia, South Carolina (AP) — More than halfway Turbulent primary season, Voters have voted in many contests. Many featured candidates who claimed to best represent the continuation of the policies endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

While not on the ballot, Trump has played a role in several races, and candidates have met his support and various election results. There were also falls by some incumbents. Some were taken up by Trump-backed challengers, and others were defeated by fellow representatives in a confrontation forced by the constituency change.

Here’s what happened so far in the national primaries:

Fallen incumbent

Already this year, eight incumbents (three Democrats and five Republicans) have lost their seats in the US House of Representatives after being defeated in the primary.

Four of these losses occurred in incumbent races as a result of the once-in-a-decade constituency change process. However, the other four were defeated by the rebel challenger after discovering that they were vulnerable as a result of scandals, investigations, exciting progressives, or beyond Trump.

7th term middle politics Oregon Democratic Party Rep. Kurt Schrader collapses Became progressive challenger Jamie McLeodskinner in the May 17 primary. Schroeder has offended many Democrats by opposed some of President Joe Biden’s priorities. $ 1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Pandemic Relief Bill He did not support the increase in the minimum wage.

North Carolina Republican Madison Cawthorn Defeated Senator Chuck Edwards Scandal whirlwind This included Cosorn, who was invited to a cocaine-fueled orgy, was caught twice at the airport with a gun, and appeared in a video showing him in a pose suggestive of sexuality. rice field.

June 14, South Carolina 5th Republican Tom Rice Lost bid for reelection After Congressman Russell Frey Voting to impeach Trump that’s all January 6 Parliamentary Rebellion..And on June 28, 6th Mississippi Republican Rep. Stephen Palazzo Lost the spill Sheriff Mike Ezel after being accused of parliamentary ethical reports on delinquent election funds.


The constituency change guaranteed that some US House of Representatives incumbents would be expelled.

The Fall first West Virginia Republican David McKinley voted in favor of the Democratic Party. Biden’s $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure billThe West Virginia citizens are betting that they will reward him for prioritizing such funding in one of the poorest states in the United States. Instead, they abandoned him for Congressman Alex Mooney, who opposed the infrastructure bill. Mooney won Trump’s support on the day Biden signed the bill.

In Georgia, Democratic Rep. Lucy McBath, who defends gun safety, shopped in the district after a Republican-controlled parliament. Turned her home area At the base of the Republican Party. She defeated Democratic Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux, who said she had considered Macbus. Like “sisters”.

Two Illinois incumbents were seated last week when Republican Mary Miller defeated fifth-term Republican Rodney Davis and Democrat Sean Casten defeated first-term Democrat Marie Newman. Lost.

Miller won a few days after calling Supreme Court decision Overturn the Roe v. Wade case “Historical victory in white life” During a rally with Trump. Miller miss-poked, her spokesman said.

Trump’s goal

Still stab Defeat of his 2020 presidential election To Biden, Trump vowed revenge on the Republicans who opposed him.

He focused on Georgia and recruited challengers for Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Rafence. Rejected his efforts To overturn his narrow defeat in the state.But with Kemp, he was short Easily turn back Former Senator David Perdue, and La Fence Purger defeated Congressman Jody Hice.

Trump also angered 10 Republicans who voted for the Democratic Party. Impeach him For his role in January 6 riots.. The four objected to seeking reelection.

But among those who continued to fight, Rice was the first to lose. The result he admitted was possible in a vote he said that his conscience had robbed him. Another, California Rep. David Valadao, Finished second in his primaryThis means he advanced to the November general elections as one of the top two.

Four of the Republicans in the House are still waiting for the primary.

In South Carolina, Trump targeted another Republican incumbent, Nancy Mace, following criticism of his role in the January 6 attack and a vote to prove Biden’s victory. .. Mace endured a challenge from Trump-backed enemy Katie Allington.

Trump: Keep your score

Trump helped lead some US Senator candidates to victory. In Ohio, he favored “Hillbilly Elegy” writer JD Vance after Vance’s enemies pushed hard to win Trump’s support. endorsement Only 3 weeks before the election Driven Vance to victory..

Dr. Mehmet Oz Sign of Trump Approval Approximately five weeks before the Pennsylvania primary, it hit former hedge fund CEO David McCormick. His wife, Dina Powell, came to the Trump administration.Oz I won a slim victory After recounting, beyond McCormick.

In North Carolina, Trump upheld Ted Budd a year before the primary and promoted a lesser-known member of the House of Representatives from the 14-candidate field. To win the Republican Senate nomination..

Trump also participated in state-wide races and supported Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton against the primary election George P. Bush.Trump rewarded Paxton for his petition to the US Supreme Court to overturn the 2020 elections — Efforts State bar association called “dishonest” Because he tried to punish him.

Katie Britt almost won the Republican primary on behalf of her boss and retired Senator Richard Shelby from Alabama, but ended up breaking up with long-time supporter Mo Brooks, who Trump had previously supported. Get his support Like Brooks polling has declined.Playing cards Approved Brit Only after she first finished in Primary.

Republican voters in Nebraska Rejects Trump’s Governor ElectionBusinessman Charles Herb Star accused in the second half of the campaign Fumbling with multiple womenInstead, I nominated the University of Nebraska Regent Jim Pillen. In the US House of Commons elections in Georgia, GOP voters chose truck company owner Mike Collins over Vernon Jones, who turned from a Trump-backed Democrat to a Republican.

Election refusal

Voters handed primaries to some of the candidates they supported Trump lies Biden’s election victory was illegitimate. These false allegations were totally rejected by the courts, including the election authorities, Trump’s own Attorney General, and the judge he appointed.

Nevertheless, State Senator Doug Mastriano wins Pennsylvania’s crowded Republican Governor primary.He has been Subpoena by the House Committee After the 2020 election, he is investigating an attack on the US Capitol on his role in planning to arrange an “alternative” slate for voters from Pennsylvania for Trump.

Nevada Secretary of State, Trump’s Choice for Former MP Jim Marchant, Won his primary election For months there were no legitimate Nevada elections, and after spending months claiming Trump’s victory was stolen.

In Idaho, Lieutenant Janice McGeetin, a candidate for the Trump rebellion Lost her bid to ban Governor Brad Little. McGeachin said, “bringing integrity to Idaho’s elections,” without quoting contradictions. She also said she would promote court audits in 50 states in the 2020 elections.

In Colorado, GOP voters I chose Pamela Anderson As a candidate for Secretary of State Tina Peters, the indicted county secretary who became nationally famous for promoting conspiracy theories about voting machines. Anderson promised to keep her politics out of elections, but Peters was charged with seven felony charges accusing her of participating in a “deceptive plan” to violate her voting system technology. rice field.

Think ahead

The primary season will resume in earnest in August and the number of races to watch has not yet been determined.

Rep. Liz Cheney Faced with tough key challenges In Wyoming on August 16th, after voting to impeach Trump and becoming Vice-Chairman House committee Investigate the parliamentary rebellion. Trump favored Harriet Hagueman in the race.

In Arizona, one of Biden’s five battlefield states, the former president approved a slate of supporters to facilitate his false election allegations.In the governor’s race, he supported Former TV newscaster Kari Lake Developer Karrin Taylor Robson has been appointed GOP to replace Republican Governor Doug Ducey, who resisted the pressure of Trump’s election year and was banned from another term.

In the US Senate race in Arizona, Trump supports Investor Breakmasters Republican nomination to confront Democratic incumbent Mark Kelly in November.The Masters supported by saying, “I think Trump won in 2020.” Unfounded “Great Alternative” Conspiracy TheoryThe racist ideology that whites and their influence are being replaced by colored races.

And in the Secretary of State of Arizona, Trump-backed state legislator Mark FinchemTaken outside the Capitol on January 6, 2021, worked to reverse Trump’s 2020 loss.

In Michigan, one of the country’s most fierce battle states, Republicans faced frustration in November with their bid to defeat Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Five Republican Candidates Disqualified Primary on August 2nd after submitting a fake signature collected by a paid petition circulator. Another candidate, Republican Ryan Kelly, I was charged Last month, it was a misdemeanor related to the January 6th attack.

Founding Republicans are worried About the August 2 Republican Primary in the US Senate in Missouri Former Governor Eric Greatens Trying to make a political comeback as follows: His resignation Four years ago, during an investigation into possible election funding issues and whether they threatened women to talk about extramarital negotiations. Some Republicans fear that Greatens could be a weak general election candidate who could give up a safe seat to the Democrats.


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