Outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes associated with cooked chicken killed 1 person and hospitalized 3

CDC warns Americans about Listeria monocytogenes Outbreak Linked to cooked chicken prior to the July 4th celebration.

3 people were hospitalized and 1 died Texas And Delaware After eating cooked chicken in a care facility or hospital in the last few months.

The actual number may be higher, as some people recover from Listeria monocytogenes without seeking medical assistance and it may take 1 to 4 weeks for symptoms to appear.

One person died from outbreak of legionellosis at Oregon apartment complex

While the CDC is investigating Recommended by the agency People “reheat cooked chicken to an internal temperature of 165 ° F” and “sold in cold dishes made from cooked chicken, such as deli chicken salads and salad bars, deli counters, or refrigerated sections. Avoid eating “chicken salad, etc.” of shop”

All illnesses associated with this outbreak were in long-term care facilities or hospitals.

“Pregnant people, adults over the age of 65, and people with weakened immunity are at increased risk of serious illness,” the CDC said.

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Listeria monocytogenes is caused by Listeria monocytogenes. It usually causes only mild illness in pregnant women, but it can have devastating consequences for the foetation and newborn, causing miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth.

According to the CDC, about 1,600 Americans sign it each year, killing about 20% of cases.

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