Outbreaks of COVID-19 at Newcastle Geriatric Care Centers Affect Fully Vaccinated Elderly People


Eleven residents of the Newcastle LTCF in the Hunter Region of New South Wales (NSW) tested positive for the CCP virus on Wednesday.

10 of the COVID-positive residents of the RFBI Hawkins Masonic Retirement Village Aged Care Facility Reportedly He was completely vaccinated but was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

Meanwhile, less than 40% of facility staff were vaccinated due to difficulty in accessing supplies.

“When vaccinated people came out to administer the vaccine, they only brought enough for the inhabitants,” Price said. Said ABC. “The staff was told they had to access it themselves, but the problem with that was that they were in the same queue as everyone else.”

Three workers in different LTCFs are also infected with the CCP virus.

One of the two staff members infected at Freemasonry’s Retirement Village was receiving the first dose of Pfizer and was scheduled to receive a second dose on Sunday.

Another staff member who worked at Hammond Care worked with the inhabitants while being COVID positive.

Epoch Times Photo
On May 7, 2021, a nurse will give a woman the AstraZeneca vaccine at the Sydney West COVID Vaccine Center in Australia. (Brooke Mitchell / Getty Images)

Hammondcare CEO Mike Baird said the infected staff and close contacts were quarantined at home for 14 days while the cottage where the staff worked was completely closed.

“While doing everything we can for the residents, we also think of staff who are passionate about the care of the residents and are wondering what is happening.” Baird said..

The week-long blockade of the Hunter Region was scheduled to end today, but New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Beregicrian has announced that it will extend it for another week.

“Given what the region is experiencing, I think the community will understand.” Beregikrian told reporters.

In the Newcastle area, 24 new daily cases of COVID-19 were recorded, half of which were from the Geriatric Care Center.

Price told Newcastle Herald that these new incidents were a “hit” for the village as they had already struggled to find enough staff to care for all the residents of the nursing home.

“We’re trying to get a workforce from elsewhere, but they don’t have anyone,” Price said. “Currently, there are tens of thousands of elderly care workers in short supply in the industry.”

According to a recent survey, the elderly care sector required more than 17,000 additional elderly care workers each year to meet the lowest levels of care.

Rebecca Chu