Outbreaks of songbird salmonella will sick 19 people in eight states, officials say

A Outbreak of Salmonella among songbirds It is associated with 19 people being ill in eight states, including Washington.

There were 6 in Washington, 3 in California and 5 in Oregon. People with Salmonella The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday because it occurred among wild songbirds.



The CDC reported that at least eight people were hospitalized for the disease.

Northwestern wildlife authorities first warned in January Finch and other songbirds McClatchy News reported that there is a high probability of death from salmonellosis around the state. People in Washington reported seeing sick or dead songbirds in the bait box.

According to Washington officials, it is safe to put out bird feeders after the outbreak of Salmonella.

McClatchy News reports that the disease is due to “anomalies found in more areas than non-destructive years, with finch and other species commonly moving south in the northern forests and far north of Canada over the winter.” Reported that it is likely to spread.

“when Birds flock large A large number of feeders can transmit the disease through feces and saliva, “said Christine Mansfield, a veterinarian at the Fish and Wildlife Service, in a news release on January 8.

According to the CDC, Salmonella can spread among species, including pets and bird people.

“If you touch a wild bird, a bird feeder, a bird bath, or a pet that is in contact with a wild bird and then touch your mouth with unwashed hands, you can get sick,” said the CDC.

Authorities tell people Remove their bird feeders and baths Helps reduce the spread of the disease. It wasn’t until Thursday that Washington officials said bird feeders could be returned to the yard as reports of Salmonella fell.

According to the CDC, those who choose to put their bird feeders outdoors will need to clean their bird feeders outdoors and later thoroughly disinfect the area. Pets should stay away from feeding boxes and baths, and people should wash their hands with soap and water.