Outsourcing of sex education opens up the “wild west” of indoctrination, MP says.

How the MPs are exposed to “very inappropriate, very inaccurate, sexually explicit and harmful material” by external providers in the name of sex education. We talked about whether the materials were flooding the school.

Thursday, Concerns raised at Westminster Hall Six-year-olds are presented with raw, and extreme sexual material indoctrinated by sex education providers. The Westminster Hall debate gives parliamentarians the opportunity to raise local or national issues and receive responses from government ministers.

Conservative Miriam Kates, a former biology teacher, said it was important to teach children clearly and honestly about sexuality: “Sadly, the Internet gives children a huge number of falsehoods about sexuality. It presents harmful information. “

Not suitable for children

However, she began her speech with a “health warning” saying “not suitable for children”.

“It’s sadly ironic, given that all the extreme and inappropriate material I’m trying to share is already shared with the kids in our school,” she said.

The government has chosen to mandate relationship and sex education (RSE) education in all secondary schools from September 2020, but despite her good intentions, the new RSE framework is “external provider’s. We opened a water gate for the entire host. ” Provide sex education materials to schools. “

“Anyone can be a provider,” said Conservative Rep. Jackie Doyle Price.

“DFE needs to know that in order to protect children from harm,” Doyle-Price added.

“Currently, children across the country are exposed to very inappropriate, highly inaccurate, sexually explicit and harmful material in the name of sex education for many reasons. I’m very concerned, “says Cates.

Kates has nominated some of the providers and said that the school’s sex education provider, the sexuality education school, defines sex as “what excites and excites you.” The same company that consulted with the family sex show maker, He took a child from the age of five to his family, explored themes such as “boundaries, joy, consent, queenness, and sex” and called on him to feature nakedness. The show was finally pulled due to growing anger at its content.

She said the Charity Sex Education Forum says children fall into one of two groups: menstrual or non-menstrual. And the book “Great Relationships and Sex Education” for teachers suggests a 15-year-old activity where children must be given a prompt card and say whether a particular type of sexual activity is good or bad.

The Proud Trust, an LGBT organization, has created a dice game that encourages children to discuss explicit sexual activity. It is based on rolling dice.

Another company, called Bish Training, had material containing a wide range of sexual discussions. Those violent.. Bish is aimed at young people over the age of 14 and provides training materials for teachers.


She added that even elementary school cannot be spared from “inappropriate use of materials.”

Developed by the Warwickshire County Council’s Respect Yourself team, the “All About Me” program introduces “rules for touching yourself” to children aged 6 and 7. One of the posters that Educate & Celebrate put out in elementary school said: Everyone, regardless of age, can do what they feel they can do. “

Former Conservative leader MP Iain Duncan Smith, whose theme is gender ideology, said: There are also physical effects. This is because if a child turns out to be a problem, they will go through a medical process that later leads to an almost irreversible problem. “

Kates says the problem is that these “ideas are more than just ideas. They have serious physical consequences.”

“Over the last decade, girls’ referrals to gender services have increased by more than 4,000%, and recent teacher polls show that at least 79% of schools have transgender children. It’s not a biological phenomenon, it’s a social transmission promoted by the Internet and enhanced in schools, “she said,” so far that parents and schools tell their children the truth about sex, relationships and gender. It’s more important than that. “

Teach dangerous sexual activity

Labor Cooperative MP Lloyd Russellmoil said he disagreed with some of Kates’s examples.

“I didn’t mean to say this, but during a pandemic, my second cousin, a 15-year-old boy, died in a tragic suffocation accident. As you can imagine, it’s It happened in a pandemic when it destroyed the family and only six people were allowed at the funeral, “he said.

“If he had been taught about dangerous sexual activity, he was 15 years old, not a prepubertal kid, and learned something from the internet, which did not lead to the end of his life, but safely. I was taught how to do things. He is still around and his family may not have been devastated, “he added.

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