Outur promotes recovery plans and calls for debate questions about the injustices of Quebec’s secular law


Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, who campaigned Friday in Mississauga, Ontario, touted the party’s recovery plans, criticizing the questions asked in the discussions of leaders Thursday night.

“We have launched a Canadian reconstruction program that constantly focuses on job creation, support for problematic sectors and upward pressure on wages. We work by doubling the interests of Canadian workers. I promise my family a $ 1 hourly salary increase, “Aoutur told reporters.

When asked about the English debate, Mr. Outur said he found that the question asked to Bloc Québécois leader Eve Francois Blanche about secular law in Quebec was “a little unfair.” ..

Debate moderator Shachi Kurl asked Blanchet about Bill 21 and Bill 96, calling them “marginalizing religious minorities, anglo-phones, and noise” and “discriminatory law.”

“We have denied that Quebec has a problem of racial discrimination, but we are defending laws such as bills 96 and 21,” Kurl said.

Bill 21 prohibits civil servants and civil servants from wearing religious symbols, and Bill 96 makes French the only official language in the state.

“Québécois are not racists and it is unfair to make such a drastic classification,” said Mr. Autour, adding that he would respect the laws passed by the state as prime minister.

“We need to make sure we work together and respect each other, so we will never challenge the laws passed by the National Assembly of Quebec, Queen’s Park here in Toronto, or the Legislature. I said, “he said.

Mr. Outur added that he would never introduce a law like Quebec’s secular law into the federal government.

When asked about the rise of the National Party of Canada in a national poll, Mr. Outur said he would talk more about the issue in the last few days of the campaign, including those that show the party in double digits.

“I’m running to get people together, not to divide them,” he said.

Andrew Chen

Andrew is a Toronto-based reporter.