Outur triggered a post-defeat campaign review and said no one was more disappointed than he was.

Ottawa — The Conservatives will consider defeating their disappointing elections, Erin O’Toole said Tuesday, he ensures the party is ready for the next campaign. He emphasized his commitment.

“We have begun a process that includes all parts of the party to ensure that we learn those lessons to win the next trust,” he said at his party’s broadcast studio in downtown Ottawa. Is his speech after the results are available.

“I’m very proud of the benefits we’ve achieved, but I didn’t go far enough. Next time.”

No further details were provided about what the review investigated or its parameters.

Mail ballots are still being counted, but by Tuesday night the Conservatives were expected to end the contest as follows: 119 seats The Liberal Party then returned to parliament with another minority government.

Outur made an effort to point out that elections were not without profit, pointing out the seats he had won across the Atlantic Canada after the region was wiped out by the Liberal Party in 2015.

“For the first time in 10 years, I’m back in Newfoundland and Labrador, with new members of the caucuses from all over the country, a new generation of talent, and dozens of horseback rides approaching dozens, but close enough. No, “he says. Said.

The Conservatives are now expected to win fewer seats than former leader Andrew Scheer did in 2019, when his party reduced the Liberal Party to a minority but failed to drive them out.

The Social Conservative Scheer, who was easily re-elected as a member of parliament in Saskatchewan in a vote on Monday, resigned as leader after the last election in response to an internal pressure campaign calling for his resignation.

Remaining in power is after the current Conservative leader risked at his base by moving the party further to the political center to gain the opportunity to win a seat in Ontario. , May prove a challenge.

Outtour needed to reverse its position, such as protecting the rights of the medical professional’s conscience, so that personal opposition would not require referrals to patients for services such as abortion and medical assistance. ..

He admitted that the party failed to win all the seats it wanted in areas such as the Metro Vancouver, Greater Toronto Area and Quebec.

Conservative leaders, however, said the party would reach within 2,000 votes in 30 rides and work to close the gap.

Some votes seemed to have been sucked up by the National Party of Canada (PPC), and the MP was not elected, but it poses a sufficient threat to split the votes with that right.

Outur used his last public speech at a rally before the vote was held on Monday, calling on voters to stick to conservatives.

He did not answer on Tuesday whether he plans to trigger a leadership review with supporters or caucuses to determine their desire to remain a leader.

“All of our members are disappointed with the post-pandemic situation that divided the country and prevented us from moving further,” said Autour.

“We are all disappointed with the results and no one but me as a leader.”

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