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American dreams shattered for immigrants deported to Mexico

A young family from Central America who crossed the border with the United States in search of a better life was forced to return to Mexico south this week. They were able to hear President Joe Biden hear about their immigration cases with them and their young children. Instead, many were immediately deported. Some, like Julia and her little daughter, are stuck in a 400-bed immigrant shelter in Ciudad Ju├írez. She wanted to reunite with her husband and eldest daughter in the United States. “I feel like I’m away from my daughter (America). I wanted to be with her. She was happy and happy to arrive. And when she heard the news (deportation), she I’m sad. Now she’s sad and so is I. “Julia didn’t give her name. She said she had almost given up hope of reuniting with her family. She now wants to return to the poor town of Guatemala, but she has little money so she doesn’t know how to get there. “Unfortunately it didn’t happen as I expected, but thanks to God I’m fine.” The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) returns most South Border Transiters to Mexico. According to CBP data, about 70,000 people were rapidly deported in February alone. The United States has allowed unaccompanied children to be accompanied. There are exceptions, and some families are allowed infants to stay in the United States if nearby Mexican cities are unable to protect them. Immigrants are increasingly desperate as deportations increase. A disturbing video released by CBP last week shows an adult scaling a 14-foot border guard and dropping two toddlers alone into the desert of New Mexico. Was recovered by police, taken for medical evaluation, and held at the Santa Teresa Border Guard. U.S. authorities work with Mexican law enforcement agencies to identify the person responsible for transferring the girl to the border. They may be smugglers or family members. Members are clinging to hope.

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