Over 20 weather warnings issued in rainy areas of British Columbia

In southern and coastal British Columbia, more than 20 weather warnings continue to be valid as another storm hit a state where people are still cleaning up from previous floods and landslides.

According to Environment Canada, it can rain up to 150 millimeters on the central and west coasts of Vancouver Island, up to 120 millimeters in the Bella Coola region, and up to 100 millimeters in the flooded Fraser Valley east of Abbotsford. .. Strong winds up to 90 km / h are also expected.

The Squamish-Lillooet district has issued an evacuation order for a property near Birken due to the danger of a landslide at Nef Creek. The city of Abbotsford has also issued evacuation warnings and orders for properties along Florence Drive, Sumas Mountain Road, Lower Sumas Mountain Road, Glen Code Live and North Parallel Road.

Public Security Minister Mike Fernworth says the state is doing everything it can to ensure that people and communities have the resources and support they need.

He says the Emergency Management BC, along with military, local government staff, and local volunteers, had confirmed that shelters, food, medicine, emergency kits, fuel, and other resources were available.

In response to the heavy rain forecast on the Central Coast, a travel advisory was issued and a maintenance crew was dispatched to the section of Highway 20 between Bella Coola and Williams Lake. There are also travel recommendations in the Highway 1, Highway 3 and Highway 7 sections.

The British Columbia River Forecast Center has issued flood warnings across the Central and South Coasts, Lower Fraser, and Vancouver Island.

According to the Canadian Ministry of the Environment, the rain should be mostly lightened on Thursdays and Fridays, but smaller systems are expected to affect the South Coast later in Fridays.

Canadian press