Over 55,000 People Sign Petition to Abolish New Australian State Pandemic Bill

The Victoria State Government’s petition to abolish the Public Health and Welfare (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 has received over 56,000 signatures as of November 4.

NS PetitionLaunched by Rebel News, New section 8A Of the billpdfIt will give Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews the same unlimited power that was given to the Nazi dictatorship.

According to the bill, the prime minister declares a pandemic, extends the ban indefinitely, closes domestic borders, introduces health restrictions, and allows police access to private land, which he considers “reasonably necessary.” Has the authority to exercise emergency authority. No warrant. Residents of Victoria will also be sentenced to imprisonment or a large fine of up to A $ 90,000 (US $ 67,570) if they fail to comply with government-mandated health orders and are deemed to pose a risk to the health of others. ..

“Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution empowered a man to pass an emergency decree leading to the Nazi dictatorship,” the petition said.

“Under the decree issued under Article 48, Hitler is empowered to reduce constitutional rights, including the Havia Scorpus, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to assembly and the privacy of communications. I did.

Victoria Supreme Court builds Melbourne, Australia
Victoria Supreme Court Building (Wikimedia Commons), Melbourne, Australia, April 18, 2012

“For 80 years, we, the West, have repeatedly declared” never again. ” “Again” has arrived. This is the moment of truth.

“A new section 8A of Daniel Andrews’ bill is our Article 48, which gives Andrews the same tyrannical power that was not checked in 1933.”

The petition was issued five days after thousands of Victorian people, led by independent parliamentarian Catherine Cumming, marched through Melbourne to the Capitol on October 30 to protest the proposed new law. come.

“Everyone knows that the government is introducing new legislation to gain more power, but who trusts the stronger government?” Opponent attendees and the Liberal Democratic Party Rep. David Limbrick reported in rebel news.

“We must respect the rights of the Victorian people. If this bill is passed, they will have a permanent emergency in the hands of the Prime Minister. Pass this bill. I can not do it.”

The bill has already passed the state House of Representatives on October 28th. After passing the Senate, which is expected to occur between November 16th and 19th, the only way to suspend the bill at that time is for the Governor. Victoria, Linda Dessau, to not give her consent to the new law.

The main constitutional responsibilities of the Australian Governor are convening elections, chairing the administrative council, granting the royal assent to bills passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives, and dissolving the legislative council in exceptional circumstances. Includes the appointment and dissolution of the minister.

Epoch Times Photo
Thousands of protesters went to the streets of Melbourne, Australia to oppose the Victoria State Government’s pandemic bill on October 30, 2021. (Provided)

The petition asks the Governor of Victoria to withhold consent to the bill and warn Prime Minister Andrews of the outcome of the proposed course.

“Unprecedented, we now look to the Governor and call on the prestigious Linda Dessau AC to act in accordance with the Australian Government and the basic principles of democracy,” the petition wrote.

Petitions from Rebel News will be made after being issued by the highest legal body, the Victorian Bar. Open letter He called the new bill a “general representative” and said that the draft bill had never been provided to the bar.

“The most important concern is that the bill gives the Minister of Health practically, indefinite, virtually unlimited power to govern the state by decree, without effective judicial or parliamentary oversight. “The lawyer insisted. ..

As of 5 pm on November 4, 56,693 people had signed the petition.

Epoch Times Sydney Staff