Over 87% of NSW Youth Volunteers: Report


According to a new report, there is a bright future for volunteering in Australia, with young Australians spending considerable time on local community organizations and even doing simple actions that help their neighbors.

First report to “Current status of volunteers” We found that 4.9 million people in Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales (NSW), volunteered, accounting for about 75.9 percent of the state’s population.

However, the report also has the highest percentage of volunteers, with 87.4% from the state’s youth population (ages 18-24) involved in volunteer activities such as community support and provision of education and coaching advice. It states that it is a thing.

“This number is amazing,” Volunteer Center CEO Gemma Rygate told 2GB radio. “They do all sorts of things to directly support people, individuals and groups in the community. They work for the environment, support their work, coach and do everything.”

Epoch Times Photo
Volunteers will distribute face masks on August 11, 2021 in the suburbs of Bankstown, Sydney, Australia (Saed Khan / AFP via Getty Images)

“They really step up, and that’s the myth that young people don’t volunteer,” she added.

“Volunteering is good not only for the community, but for the individual as well. The benefits that individuals get from volunteering continue and are lifelong.”

This report, produced by the Project Management Institute with the support of the Volunteer Center and the NSW Community Justice Department, surveyed more than 1,100 volunteers and 1,000 organizations.

Volunteers were generally involved in providing services to nonprofits (2.6 million volunteers), private organizations (700,000), and governments (600,000).

Some of the greatest motivations for individuals were to help others (62.4 percent of respondents). Build social connections (31.5 percent). Leverage skills and experience (26.1%) to support the cause (22.8%).

The report also revealed that 33.4% of volunteers were at home or online, and 49.6% of informal volunteers (non-formal organizations) were skilled professionals. For the first time, the monetary value was calculated based on the number of hours spent volunteering.

It turns out that 1.5 billion hours of volunteer work was spent in 2020 in New South Wales. This resulted in $ 127 billion worth of profits, including $ 53.1 billion in commercial profits and $ 74.1 billion in citizens’ profits.

The volunteer workforce also saved about $ 64.8 billion in state labor costs, surpassing the size of the New South Wales public sector workforce.

Daniel Y. Ten