Overdue sailors are safe on the course to Virginia

Portsmouth, Virginia (AP) —The U.S. Coast Guard reported that the two were overdue after deciding to return to Virginia on a weather-affected yacht instead of continuing their trip to Portugal’s Azores. Announced on Friday.

Virginia Beach natives Yani Nikopros and Dale Jones contacted the Coast Guard on Friday, saying they were safe and heading to Hampton, Virginia. The Coast Guard said in a news release that it was about 80 miles (129 km) east of Chincoteague, but was painless and did not ask for help.

According to the Coast Guard, they departed Hampton, Virginia on June 8 and sailed 36 feet (11 meters) to the Azores Islands, an archipelago in the central Atlantic Ocean about 800 miles (1,290 kilometers) west of Portugal. I went to Kikurades.

However, they called Jones’ daughter last week and said the boat had been hit by a lightning strike, so they returned to Virginia with spare sails. According to the Coast Guard, they were about 460 miles (740 kilometers) east of Virginia Beach at that time and had no further contact.

Five uneasy days passed before my daughter called the Coast Guard. She said she wasn’t contacted by them and she was worried about their well-being. The Coast Guard reported on Tuesday that they were missing.

“We are very pleased to know that Yanny and Dale have been discovered and are safe,” said James Schiffers, Operations Unit Observer at the District 5 Command Center, on Friday. “It’s really great that this pair will soon reunite with friends and family.”

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