Overland Park says teens 2018 deadly police shooting investigation will be released

More than three years after 17-year-old John Albers was shot deadly by a police officer on duty at Overland Park, city officials will soon publish an edited report detailing an investigation into the behavior of police officers. It states.

The report, compiled by the Johnson County investigative team, is responsible for investigating shootings involving police officers and will be released later this week. In a shared statement According to Overland Park spokesman Shawn Riley on Monday night. According to the statement, the Albers will be given the opportunity to review the report before it is publicly shared.

The city acknowledged in a statement that it has withheld legal oppositions filed by the Albers family and others around Kansas City seeking the release of the report. He also pointed out the “wrong information” and “declining public confidence” surrounding the report several years after Albers’ death.

A city statement said, “Continuing to withhold reports from the shooting investigation team involving police officers is an obstacle to regaining public confidence and confidence in Overland Park, its staff, and the Overland Park police station. “.

In January 2018, Albers was shot six times by former Overland Park officer Clayton Jenison after police were called to his parents’ home to check the health of his teens. He was retreating his family’s van from the driveway when the policeman fired.

one month later, Johnson County Prosecutor Steve Howe Police officers were reasonably afraid of his life and announced that the shooting was justified after several jurisdiction investigations were completed.

The city later offered Jenison a $ 70,000 retirement contract. It was signed a few days after the Johnson County prosecutor announced that he would not charge Jenison. Jenison’s retirement contract was the subject of a proceeding filed by Star after the record was first rejected by the city.

According to the city, the report released this week was edited to balance the privacy of the people interviewed by investigators, while providing “enough transparency to restore public confidence.” According to the city, some of the excluded information includes witness names, autopsy results, photos of the death scene, and other medical records.

Since the murder of Albers, advocates of family and community social justice have strongly criticized the actions of law enforcement and civil servants. The Albers family also filed civil suits against police officers and the city.

The news of the release of the report came on the same day Social Justice Organizations Have Begun Publicly Calling for the Dismissal of Overland Park Police Chief Frank Donches.. Leaders of the organization have accused Donchez of misleading the public about the Albers case.

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