Owners of the 75-foot “Black Lives Matter” fence are fighting Minnesota City to maintain it until the end of Chauvin’s trial.


Black Lives Matter put up the fist logo in Birmingham, England on November 26, 2020. Photos via Mike Kemp / Getty Images

  • The Minnesota city is giving owners of the “Black Lives Matter” mural to remove it until Thursday.

  • The 75-foot mural in West St. Paul depicts activist Kimeta Johnson. New York Times report.

  • Authorities said the murals violated city regulations dealing with fences and ban signs.

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The city of Minneapolis is giving owners of the 75-foot Black Lives Matter mural until Thursday to remove it or fine it. New York Times report.

A mural on the fence near the bustling intersection of West St. Paul depicts activist Kimeta Johnson, who was the city’s first black mayoral candidate last year.

“I’m completely sad,” Johnson told the Times. “It’s a great work of art. The message is needed here.”

Star Tribune A city spokesperson reported that since September, LGBTQ + Real Estate Alliance founder Ryan Weyandt has received 20 complaints about the murals he requested for fences around his home.

The city said it was not the content of the mural that was at stake, but that it violated two sections of the city law on fences and ban signs. According to the code, the fence should be one color, no pictures or letters.

“The city understands that this particular fence message is very important to homeowners and many members of our community, but the city has content when dealing with violations of the city code. And messages cannot be taken into account and will not be taken into account. “

Mr Weyant said in November officials said his fence violated city regulations.

In November, Wayant and the city agreed to keep the mural until April 15, but told the Times that they wanted to keep the mural until the trial of former officer Derek Chauvin was over.

“I don’t want to withdraw it before the trial is over,” he told the Times. “We want to leave that message.”

Chauvin, a former Minneapolis cop, Two unintentional murders, three murders, and two manslaughter charges. He was fired from the department last summer after the video showed that he had his knees on George Floyd’s neck for a few minutes, despite repeatedly saying that Floyd couldn’t breathe.

According to the city, Weyandt could be fined $ 2,000 for every 10 days left if the mural remains after Thursday.

Johnson told Tribune that her seven-year-old granddaughter loves murals and drives by the fence once a week.

“It’s very important on this day and time, what’s happening in Minneapolis,” she said. “I need that message.”

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