Pakistan lowers vaccination age

Islamabad-Pakistan officials have decided to start vaccination of people aged 50-59 next week, hours after Pakistan reports more than 100 deaths in one day for five consecutive days.

Saturday figures increase the number of Pakistani pandemic deaths to 16,094, out of more than 750,000 confirmed cases in the country of about 233 million.

Federal officials said 4,149 patients had been admitted to critical care hospitals.

Pakistan has relied heavily on the donation or import of Chinese vaccines, which were only available to health care workers and the elderly. However, they have not responded to the overwhelming number of vaccination campaigns and authorities are urging young cohorts to provide vaccines.

Pakistan hopes to receive 15 million COVID-19 vaccinations through a UN-sponsored COVAX program by next month.


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What else is happening:

Harare, Zimbabwe-Zimbabwe has begun releasing about 3,000 prisoners under presidential amnesty with the aim of alleviating congestion to reduce the threat of COVID-19 in overcrowded prisons in the country.

Approximately 400 prisoners were released from the Chikrubi prison and other prisons in the capital Harare on Saturday, and more prisoners were released from other prisons nationwide.

Zimbabwe’s prison can hold 17,000 prisoners, but about 22,000 before President Emmerson Mnangagwa declared his amnesty.

Those released were convicted of non-violent crimes.

Alvord Gapare, the commander of Harare’s prison, said the amnesty “would be of great help” in reducing spending and the threat of spreading the virus in prisons. He said a prison in the capital recorded 173 confirmed infections and one death.

Zimbabwe recorded 37,534 COVID-19s by April 17, including 1,551 deaths, according to the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Las Cruces, New Mexico-High school in New Mexico has returned to distance learning as the school district is investigating an off-campus “secret prom.”

Officials said Friday that the incident in Las Cruces violated state orders aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

According to a statement from the school district, the complaint filed with the governor’s office said that hundreds of Mayfield high school students could have attended the unlicensed prom held on April 10. Events such as graduation.

The district said Mayfield would be in distance learning until April 26th.


Richmond, Virginia-Two samples from Virginia residents confirmed the first case of the so-called Brazilian COVID-19 mutant, state health officials said Friday.

In a news release, the Virginia Department of Health said one case, including the P.1 mutant, was identified in an adult resident of the Northwestern Krai who had a history of domestic travel during the exposure period. The second case was identified in an adult resident in the eastern region who had no travel history, the ministry said.

According to the department, neither case had a record of COVID-19 vaccination prior to the onset of the disease.


Albuquerque, New Mexico-As deaths reach another milestone, the number of new COVID-19 cases is increasing again in New Mexico.

State health officials reported on Friday that four more people have succumbed to the virus since the pandemic began last year, pushing the total to 4,001.

Mortality has fallen dramatically since its peak in December, but state officials continue to encourage people to be vaccinated, saying that doing so reduces the chances of serious illness or death. ing.

With 1,550 confirmed cases reported in the past week, the 7-day average of new daily cases exceeds state targets.