Pakistan provides essential supplies to help India

Islamabad — India’s rival Pakistan has offered to send essential medicines to its neighbors, which are on the verge of a catastrophic coronavirus surge that has depleted oxygen storage and other hospital needs.

As a gesture of solidarity with the Indian people, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says Pakistan has offered to provide relief assistance, including ventilators, oxygen supply kits, digital x-ray equipment, PPEs and related items.

Authorities in both countries said they could devise modality for the rapid delivery of items and could seek ways to further cooperate to mitigate the challenges posed by the pandemic.

The offer came the day after a tweet by Prime Minister Imran Khan praying for “quick recovery of virus-infected Indians.”

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Cresi says Pakistan is the first to believe in human policy, has offered to India and is waiting for a reply.


Outbreak of virus:

— — Europe Resuming, but virus patients still overwhelm the ICU team

— — India Viral patients choke in a rapidly increasing oxygen deficiency

— — Merkel Encourage Germans to accept “strict” virus restrictions

— — Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro He suggested that if the blockade against COVID-19, which he opposes, would lead to turmoil, troops might be called into the streets to restore order.

— Much of the world is still suffering, but the band Six60 new Zealand, If the country does not need to keep a social distance after eradicating the coronavirus.


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What else is happening:

Bangkok — Thailand prepared 2,438 new cases and 11 as Bangkok prepared for the closure of entertainment and sports facilities on Sunday as part of measures that health care workers were not sufficient to rescue overloaded hospitals. Reported the death of a person.

Infections have surged in the Thai capital since early April, and its governor, Aswin Kwanmuang, has announced a two-week closure starting Monday.

They include gyms, parks, zoos, exhibition and conference centers, nurseries and boxing stadiums. Those who do not wear a mask with a public face penalty.

The lack of beds due to the regulation that all COVID-19-positive people must be treated in the hospital is causing frustration. The media reported that the two died at home after being turned down by the hospital.

Some health care workers are calling for a general blockade, saying that the government’s hospitalization policy has run out of the system.

The Thai Thoracic Society has written an open letter calling for the government to limit the movement of people to reduce the number of new cases.


Tokyo — Japanese department stores, bars and theaters were closed on Sunday as part of an emergency measure to slow the outbreak of infection.

The 17-day limit has been declared in Tokyo, Kyoto, Hyogo, and Osaka prior to the “Golden Week” holidays, when Japanese usually travel extensively.

The effectiveness of efforts focused on closing restaurants and theme parks and limiting time is questionable. Trains and streets are still crowded and schools remain open.

Japan has already declared three emergencies regarding the coronavirus. Vaccine deployment is slow, with only 1% of the population being vaccinated.

One drawback is that Japan requires additional testing of vaccines approved abroad and currently only Pfizer vaccines are used.

According to experts, the wave of infection contains even more deadly variants. Japan has killed about 10,000 people from COVID-19, the worst in Asia. Domestic vaccines are not expected until next year or 2023.


Governor Jay Inslee of Olympia, Washington said on Saturday that the Johnson & Johnson vaccination could begin in Washington, following a review by scientific experts from a Western working group.

The Seattle Times is a potential vaccine after a meeting of the Western States Scientific Safety Review workgroup, a vaccination expert in Washington, California, Oregon, and Nevada, on Friday after more than 12 women nationwide develop rare blood clots. Reportedly reviewed data on risk.

“The benefits of the J & J vaccine outweigh the risks involved,” Inslee said in a statement. On Friday, the Federal Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called on federal regulators to lift the 11-day suspension of the J & J vaccine after reviewing data on blood clots and assessing vaccine-related risks.


Los Angeles — A committee of public health experts from California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington was discussing the possibility of unsuspending the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a California Public Health Service spokesman said. Said on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles County public health officials have informed vaccine providers that they can resume receiving Johnson & Johnson on Saturday if they distribute the latest fact sheet about the vaccine to recipients.

Dr. Paul Simon, Chief Scientific Officer of the County Public Health Service, said the county was working on developing additional material to explain the rare blood clotting problem that caused the J & J vaccine to be suspended on April 13. He said he was.

They include “what we consider to be really important information about what to look for. This is also a sign and symptom when it is a very rare reaction,” he says. I did. “And emphasize that this is a very rare reaction.”


Rio de Janeiro — Brazil’s President Jail Bolsonaro has suggested that if the blockade against COVID-19, which he opposes, leads to turmoil, troops may be called on the streets to restore order.

In a television interview with television critics in the city of Manaus, Amazon, on Friday night, Bolsonaro frequently criticized the restrictions imposed by local governments to control the infection.

“That blockade policy of quarantine is ridiculous. If something goes wrong … I have a plan on how to act. I am the Chief Executive Officer of the Army,” Bolsonaro said.

Health experts called on Bolsonaro this month to impose a national blockade after COVID-19 deaths across the country reached a new peak. The Ministry of Health states that more than 386,000 people have been confirmed dead from the coronavirus in Brazil.


Tegucigalpa, President Honduras-Joe Biden emphasized how the United States administered 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine during the first 100 days of his inauguration.

He also signaled that it was time for the United States to begin sharing surpluses. Astonishing inequality in vaccines is evident in the Americas, Africa, and parts of Asia. China and Russia are aggressively launching their vaccines around the world.

However, the United States shared the first 4 million doses with Canada and Mexico last month. Biden states that these countries are subject to additional doses, as are Central American countries.

Honduras has received only 59,000 vaccinations for 10 million people. There is a similar gap in access to vaccines, with 1.3 billion people on the African continent and only 36 million doses in parts of Asia.

In the United States, more than a quarter of the population (about 90 million people) is fully vaccinated. Some states have rejected planned shipments from the federal government.


Austin, Texas — State health officials say more than 1.7 million COVID-19 vaccines will be directed to Texas next week.

According to the Texas Department of Health, more than 708,000 first doses have been directed to 129 Texas County 928 providers, and more than 570,000 second doses have been ordered.

Approximately 470,000 first and second doses were assigned to pharmacies, federal qualified health centers, and dialysis centers.

To date, more than 23.4 million doses have been distributed to Texas, and more than 36% of the state’s population receives at least one dose, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Over 24% of the population is fully vaccinated.

In addition, the federal suspension of the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine has been lifted, and the government will soon make the dose of the vaccine available.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, more than 2.8 million coronaviruses have been identified in Texas, killing 48,946 people.


New York — Several states resumed use of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus vaccine on Saturday after receiving a green light from federal health authorities.

Arizona, New York, Virginia, Missouri, Michigan, Tennessee, and Virginia were one of the states that ordered or recommended reopening. Indianapolis Motor Speedway offers free J & J vaccinations for people over the age of 18.

These moves took place swiftly after US health officials announced Friday night that they would lift the 11-day suspension of vaccinations using the J & J vaccine. During the suspension, a scientific adviser at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that the benefits of the vaccine outweighed the rare risk of blood clots.

According to J & J Shots in the United States, 15 vaccinated people developed a very rare type of blood clot from nearly 8 million people. All were women and most were under the age of fifty. Three have died and seven have been hospitalized.

A CDC adviser states that warnings can help young women and their doctors decide whether to use the shot or alternative.


Paris — France and other European countries are preparing to ease coronavirus restrictions while investing medical, financial and technical resources to keep thousands of COVID-19 patients alive.

At one of the largest hospitals in Paris, state-of-the-art artificial lungs provide the most important patients with a last resort for survival. Outside, healthy people are planning vacations and drinks with friends as the country embarks on a dangerous process of being freed from the latest blockades.

French President Emmanuel Macron will reopen elementary school on Monday, giving people more freedom to move around in May.

Some front-line caregivers in hospitals see mitigation as premature. Intensive care unit admissions in French hospitals have remained stubbornly higher than at any time since the first fatal surge in the pandemic.

In France, Greece and other countries, governments are using enhanced vaccination to strengthen discussions to ease restrictions. However, only one-quarter of adults in Europe receive the first dose.


Richmond, Virginia — Virginia health officials have instructed providers to immediately resume use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine after federal agencies have lifted the vaccine suspension.

This decision was made after the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration discovered that the benefits of a one-shot vaccine outweighed the risk of rare blood clots.

This month, authorities released a survey of six cases of very rare thrombotic disorders in recipients. One woman who died was a 45-year-old Virginia resident who was vaccinated on March 6.

Richmond Times-In a pre-pause dispatch report, Virginia managed 184,000 J & J shots.

“This special scrutiny should instill confidence in the system being implemented to ensure the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine,” said Danny Avla, a state vaccine coordinator who received a J & J shot on April 1. The doctor says. Encourage individuals to educate themselves about potential side effects and weigh them against the potential for hospitalization or death from COVID-19. “