Pakistan reports the highest daily death toll

Islamabad — Saturday Pakistan reported the highest COVID-19 deaths in a day.

Authorities reported 157 deaths, with a total death toll of 16,999. A total of 5,908 additional cases pushed the casualties to 790,016 as authorities complained of routine violations of social distance and mask wearing rules.

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Friday that troops would be called in to help police enforce restrictions in public places.

Authorities also decided to close the institution until the situation improved.

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhley said in a talk show on Saturday that the situation in Pakistan is better than in neighboring India, despite the increase in incidents and deaths. He said 500,000 doses of Chinese Sinovac vaccine had arrived on Friday.


Outbreak of virus:

— US resumes J & J COVID vaccination despite the rare risk of blood clots

— — Indian hospital Proceeding for oxygen, the country sets a virus record

— — Japan Just three months before the Olympics, announced a state of emergency to curb the rapid recovery of the coronavirus, the third time since the pandemic began.

— US healthcare providers may soon return to one healthcare use N95 mask Treatment interrupted during a pandemic due to a fatal supply shortage per patient.

— The European Medicines Agency says that the people who received the first dose AstraZeneca’ ■ The COVID-19 vaccine should also get a second vaccine, despite the rare risk of shot-related blood clots.


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What else is happening:

The US Health Commission says the risk of blood clots is very rare, but it’s time to resume using Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine. Of the approximately 8 million people vaccinated before the United States stopped firing J & J, health officials found 15 cases of a very rare type of blood clot, three of which were fatal. All were women and most were under the age of fifty.

But an adviser to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the serious but small risks, especially for the virus that infects tens of thousands of Americans every day. The government will promptly consider the recommendations when deciding on the next step.


Portland, Oregon — As cases of COVID-19 continue to surge in Oregon, officials said Friday, one-third of the state’s counties restricted restaurants to outdoor dining and closed gyms. I warned that there is a risk of tightening regulations, such as doing so.

“A few weeks ago, I came to you that I was worried that COVID-19 would surge four times in Oregon. Unfortunately, that surge is here today,” Governor Kate Brown said in a press conference. I said in. State health official Dean Sidelinger said the new modeling shows that “the infection rate exceeded the most pessimistic scenario three weeks ago.” “And if the spread continues unabated, our hospital is at risk of being overwhelmed by patients affected by the virus,” he said.

In early March, the state’s COVID-19 positive rate was 3.9%. As of Thursday, it was 5.7%. In addition, COVID-19 hospitalizations in Oregon have increased by 39% in the past week and by 109% since the beginning of March. As a result, some hospitals have already begun to reduce elective surgery.


Bucharest, Romania — A “vaccination marathon” began on Friday afternoon in Timisoara, a city in western Romania. Anyone can participate in this marathon without booking a vaccination against COVID-19.

Approximately 10,000 Pfizer vaccine shots will be available and managed by medical volunteers at a three-day, 24-hour event at Timisoara’s Regional Business Center.

“As doctors in the intensive care unit … we are fighting every day to save as many lives as possible, but now we have the power to get out of the pandemic together through vaccination compared to this time last year. “Intensivist Drell Sundesk told local media.

Anyone over the age of 16 who can present a national ID card can be vaccinated, but minors require parental written consent. Booster Jab will be given in the same “marathon” format within 21 days.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Romania has recorded 10.42,521 COVID-19-positive infections, killed 27,113 people and vaccinated more than 4.5 million times in a population of more than 19 million.


Washington — The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that pregnant people be vaccinated with COVID-19. Agency Director Rochelle Warrensky made a recommendation in the latest information on the pandemic at the White House briefing. She said a CDC study published this week found no safety concerns with the late pregnancy vaccination of Modana and Pfizer.

“We know this is a very personal decision. I work with their doctors or primary care providers to help people decide what is best for them and their babies. I encourage you to speak, “Walensky said.

Her recommendations seem to go far beyond the advice on the CDC website. The CDC website states that vaccines are unlikely to pose a safety risk during pregnancy, but they do not fully recommend shots.

The new study is based on reports from pregnant women who fired shortly after the vaccine became available. Researchers sought more data, including vaccination in early pregnancy.

COVID-19 is dangerous during pregnancy and increases the risk of complications and death.

Pregnant women were excluded from the COVID-19 vaccination study, but safety data for those who became pregnant after enrollment are limited.


Phoenix-Arizona conducted the final COVID-19 vaccination at the state’s first and largest COVID-19 mass vaccination site, which will be closed as the state moves to indoor venues.

The drive-through site outside the State Farm Stadium has been replaced by facilities within the Gila River Arena in Glendale. Metro Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson and Yuma have even larger state-owned sites.

The state on Friday reported 896 additional cases of coronavirus (the largest daily increase in two weeks) and 17 deaths. According to the state dashboard, nearly 2.1 million people, or 29% of the state’s population, were fully vaccinated with COVID-19.

Arizona registered a total of 857,347 confirmed cases and 17,238 confirmed deaths.


Ottawa, Ontario-Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is vaccinated at a pharmacy in Ottawa on Friday. Trudeau and his wife Sophie will be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine, which hesitates to obtain for reports of rare blood clots.

Ontario recently lowered its AstraZeneca qualification to over 40 years old. The prime minister says that 30% of eligible adults in Canada receive at least one vaccine.

Trudeau also states that Canada has reached an agreement with Pfizer on 35 million booster doses next year and 30 million the following year. According to him, the deal includes an option to add 30 million doses in both 2022 and 2023, and an option to add 60 million doses in 2024.

He also says the government is in ongoing discussions with other vaccine makers about booster shot plans.


Karachi, Pakistan-A prominent Pakistani charity has provided medical assistance to a neighboring Indian archival in managing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Faisal Eddie, head of the Edhi Foundation, wrote to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Edhi’s offer came after India reported another global record of daily infections for the second consecutive day, adding 332,730 new cases.

In his letter, Eddie asked Modi for permission to travel to India with volunteers and 50 ambulances to assist Indian health care workers. Eddie says he will lead a medical team that pays for volunteer accommodation and meals during his stay in India.

India’s reaction to the offer is still unknown. The Edhi Foundation is known for its humanitarian efforts in Pakistan and also operates the country’s largest ambulance service in Pakistan.

Pakistan and India have a history of bitter relationships. Since gaining independence from Britain in 1947, they have fought two of three wars in the conflicting Himalayan region of Kashmir.


Cyprus, Nicosia — Cyprus will return to blockade mode for two weeks, closing retail stores, restaurants and gyms, expanding the curfew.

The blockade from April 26th to May 9th will extend the curfew to eight hours and limit you to going out from home once a day.

Health Minister Constantinos Ioano said the increase in infectious diseases puts a heavy burden on the national health system, despite the strengthening of vaccination programs that have reduced the number of more than 70 COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization. He says he is calling.

Ioannou states that the blockade includes a ban on all public rallies and youth sports activities. Church worship during the Orthodox Easter next week will take place without worshipers, except during the midnight Mass on Holy Saturday, when people are allowed to follow worship outside the church.


Berlin-Austria will reopen restaurants, bars and hotels on May 19 after months of restrictions and closures.

Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz announced plans on Friday. He says people who want to take advantage of the reopening venue must be tested, vaccinated, or recovered from the COVID-19 infection.

He states that some other restrictions will continue to apply. Up to 10 people are allowed outside each table and 4 adults are allowed inside each table. In addition, there is a limit to the number of people who can use the gym.

Kurtz pointed out the acceleration of Austrian vaccination campaigns and said authorities are aiming to further relax regulations on July 1. He said he would welcome foreign tourists from mid-May.