Pakistan resumes search for 29 missing after capsized boat


Multan, Pakistan-Pakistan rescue teams resumed a search on Tuesday after a passenger ship carrying nearly 100 members of a wedding reception that had overthrown the fast-flowing Indus River.

Twenty-one women and children died in the disaster a day ago, according to government officials.

Divers from Pakistani troops were expected to participate in rescue operations in the eastern Punjab district of Sadikabad, government official Salim Assi said.

He said the bodies of 21 people had been recovered and handed over to relatives.

At least 65 people, including the groom, were rescued on Monday, but 29, including children, were still missing, according to Ashi. The missing passengers are feared to be dead. Their relatives are still waiting hopefully along the riverbank to witness rescue operations.

When the boat capsized, Assi said at least 90 people were on the boat.

Such accidents are common in Pakistan. In Pakistan, fragile wooden boats are often used to carry things and people on rivers and lakes. Most work without a life jacket.

Associated Press