Pakistanis murdered boss in blasphemy sentenced to death

Lahore, Pakistan (AP) — A counter-terrorism court in eastern Pakistan sentenced a former security guard who shot and killed a bank manager last year for insulting the Muslim prophet Muhammad, lawyers said Thursday.

Ahmad Nawaz has the right to appeal. A day ago in the Kusab district of eastern Punjab, prosecution lawyer Mian Liswan also sentenced him to two years in prison for assaulting police during his arrest.

Nawaz was arrested in November 2020 after firing at bank manager Malik Imran Hanif in the Kushab district. He easily caught the attention of Islam when he claimed to have killed Hanif for insulting the Prophets of Islam.

Hanif’s family at the time denied the claim. Police then concluded that Nawaz had a personal feud with the bank manager.

Blasphemy is a controversial issue in Pakistan, where people convicted of a crime can be sentenced to life imprisonment or the death penalty. Crowds and individuals often put the law in their hands to target those they perceive as perpetrators of crime.

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