Palestinian Authority to cover up the death of critics

Ramallah (AP) on the West Bank — A family of political activists who died during the detention of Palestinian security forces last Saturday accused the Palestinian Authority of trying to hide his death.

Relatives of Nazirite Banat said they had not yet received a document describing the official cause of death, and that the Palestinian Authority had worked to resolve the issue out of court.

“The actions of the Palestinian Authority up to this moment are criminal acts and cover up the crime,” Nazirite brother Gassan Banat told reporters.

Nazirite Banat, a frank critic of the Palestinian Authority, urged Western nations to stop providing aid to PAs due to human rights abuses and heightened authoritarianism.

In a series of Facebook posts and live videos, Banat criticized the close security coordination of the authorities with Israel, which many Palestinians consider to be a betrayal, and its corruption. He also blamed President Mahmoud Abbas in April. Cancel Palestinian elections for the first time in 15 years.. Banat was a candidate for the opposition.

His family said security forces rushed into Banat’s bedroom while he was asleep, beating him and inflicting bloody head wounds before taking him out of the house. He died shortly thereafter in custody.

His death prompted Weeks of protest.. At least six activists were arrested by security forces during a protest outside the Palestinian Authority headquarters on July 5. Witnesses said police used pepper spray to beat protesters with batons.

The Palestinian Authority, considered an important partner in the United States and other Western nations, has formed an investigative commission on the death of Banat. His brother said a few weeks later the family had little contact from the government.

“Until this moment, we couldn’t get a death certificate. How can we create a citizen who dies without issuing a death certificate?” Gassan Banat said.

With two family lawyers, he said the brothers were an attempt by authorities to send tribal elders to their families in hopes of ending the case and preventing them from reaching the courtroom. I refused to do that.

“This file cannot be resolved or closed in an elder or tribal way,” he said. “The Nizari file is a political assassination, and even if it takes 1,000 years, it will remain open until justice is achieved.”

The Palestinian Authority is widely regarded as a corrupt authoritarian, and a recent poll last month showed that support for Abbas, who seized the four-year term in 2005, plummeted. I am.

Abbas faced increasing pressure after canceling the elections when his Fatah party appeared to suffer a devastating defeat to rival Hamas radical groups.

Palestinian security forces last month Arrested prominent activist Critic Issa Amuro after criticizing her for being recently arrested on Facebook.


Jeffrey reported from Jerusalem.

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