Pandemic beach fans have brought new trash to Florida.The cleanups you can participate in are:

I was active on Sunday afternoon, so I decided to go to the beach with my swimsuit. However, as you spread the towel over the warm sand, you will find a thin white string creeping from the ground.

Yup. Buried deep in the sand is a blue surgical mask worn by a stranger.

From discarded latex gloves and surgical masks to dirty disinfectant wipes, pandemic waste has become an increasingly part of our public space experience over the past year. And while the natural space was temporarily rested during the closure of COVID-19, environmental advocates, like most other disposable plastics, have these new sundries end up in our oceans and become marine life. It warns that it will do harm.

Spring break 2021 on South Beach.

“The spring break problem made it even worse,” said Seth Bloomgarden, chairman of the Miami branch of the Surf Rider Foundation, a non-profit organization that defends clean waters and beaches. “It’s crazy.”

Fortunately, with the crowd, we also had a new opportunity to (safely) volunteer for beach cleanup around Miami-Dade and Broward County. Cities generally pick up large trash, but what is left behind is small microplastics such as straws, cigarette butts, and masks.

Bloomgarden says his organization does regular cleaning, but needs to do more at the local and state levels to curb marine pollution and crack down on littering tourists during the high season. He added that he thinks there is.

“To get people to come and dump our beaches in the trash … it’s a really wrong message to send,” Bloomgarden said. “We should focus more on littering enforcement and call on people to do bad things.”

Celebrating April National Volunteer Month, we’ll introduce you to local organizations and volunteers who are hosting beach cleanups in your area. Please note that COVID-19 limits the number of volunteers and may require registration.

Surfrider Foundation

Non-profit organizations host cleaning and dune restoration all year round.Keep an eye out for their upcoming events Instagram Accounts and through them website.

Their final beach cleanup on Saturday featured a partnership between Miami Beach gallery space ARTECHOUSE and local artist Haiiileen. From April 1st to April 14th, ARTECH OUSE will donate 10% of the proceeds from ticket sales to Surf Rider Miami.

“We love when volunteers come out because they start seeing what the problem is,” Bloomgarden said.

Beautiful Miami beach

Clean Miami Beach is a local non-profit organization founded by Sophie Ringer, a local beach resident. The group organizes weekly beach and wetland cleanups and frequently partners with local businesses and cities.

Their next volunteer event is cleaning the canal in partnership with eco-fashion brand Bichon and Clearview Kayak.Event is on Saturday, April 10th, 4pm Collins Avenue and 24th Avenue, “Water and Land”. Limited kayaks and paddle boards are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

on Saturday, April 17 The group hosts Earth Day Yoga & Beach Cleanup on 21st Avenue in Miami Beach, beside the Blue Lifeguard Tower. Yoga begins at 8:30 am and is followed by cleanup at 10:30 am.

Volunteers are required to wear closed-toe shoes, bring a reusable water bottle, and wear sunscreen. I need a mask.

For more information on how to sign up Please visit this website And their Click here for Instagram account..

Free plastic

This Key Biscayne organization collects plastic waste and upcycles it into works of art and household items in South Florida. During some cleanup, the group will host a live recycling demonstration for volunteers.

Earth Day will be cleaned up in April and World Oceans Day will be cleaned up in June, but the dates have not yet been set.Follow them Instagram account cleanup event..

Free our ocean and beyond

Free Our Seas is a group of Browards who collect plastic trash on the beaches of South Florida and turn them into art to raise awareness about the amount of waste left on the local coastline. “It’s beautiful, but ugly,” how do they describe their work? On their website..

Their next cleanup is underway to help build their next sculpture Saturday, April 17 From 8am to 11am at Dania Beach Wharf. Volunteers are asked to wear open-toed shoes and bring a reusable water bottle. Look for the Free Our Seas tent just north of the Quarterdeck Restaurant.

Find more information At the event here..


SeaMeClean is an organization that raises awareness about beach cleanliness and plastic waste reduction by interacting with teens on social media about the impact of pollution on the beach. (They also have interactive Plastic footprint calculator Here you can enter the amount of plastic waste generated each week. Then average the number of pounds of plastic produced throughout the year and life. )

The group also posts images and videos of South Beach Garbage throughout the Spring Break season.Keep up with their cleanup Instagram account events.., an online initiative initiated by a couple in South Florida, is a comprehensive platform for tracking upcoming cleanups occurring in the region. While it’s easy for large nonprofits to find volunteers for cleanup events, this website provides a smaller organizer to a larger audience.

They post the latest information on upcoming cleanups every week, so be sure Check out their website When you feel like cleaning some beaches.

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