“Pandemic fatigue” is affecting mental health

Deputy Chief Medical Officer in charge of mental health, Ruth Vines Pandemic fatigue is said to contribute to the stress that Australians experience during a pandemic.

“We have experienced a considerable level of distress and are convinced that people are now enduring what we call pandemic fatigue.

She said the last two years of the pandemic were extremely difficult due to rising levels of psychological distress and increased demand for mental health services.

Lifeline, one of Australia’s leading suicide prevention services, has recorded the most daily calls in the organization’s 58-year history. August 2021 At the peak of the delta blockade.

However, she said demand for mental health helplines has declined compared to 2021 but is still higher than in 2019 before the pandemic.

The vines said it was important for Australians to continue to engage in their lives, in addition to wearing masks and maintaining vaccinations.

“When I felt trapped and stuck, I couldn’t get there, I reached out for help, and now there are many ways to ask for help. The helpline capacity has increased. The services out there-new services-or not new now, but additional services that are very popular in Sydney and Victoria. ” She said At sunrise.

In addition, the federal government has invested $ 26.8 million. Your Town Kids Helpline, Free 24/7 telephone and web chat counseling support for young people aged 5-25 in May. Invested $ 7.8 million in funding perinatal helplines for 19, 2021, and pregnant parents December 6th2021.

However, the vines celebrated the reopening of school and said returning to face-to-face learning was important for restoring the normality of the child’s life.

“One of the increasingly recognized things around the world is how to bring that degree of normality back to the lives of young people, such social involvement and learning, and exposure to everything that happens. I think it’s important. In a school or school environment. “

It is a discussion supported by research. study Conducted by the University of Washington, it shows a significant link between school closures and worsening mental health outcomes.

research What the Royal Children’s Hospital and the University of Melbourne have done also show that children who have to study remotely are less involved in learning. They are first-year students or are experiencing adversity. “

The vines encouraged those stressed by pandemic fatigue to take the time for themselves and be socially connected for their mental health.

“It’s 2022. Now that we’re in our third year, we’re in some sort of chronic stress, not acute stress.” Said the vine..

She also warned against focusing on the number of pandemic incidents and constant media coverage.

“It’s also important not to be overwhelmed by the number and nearly constant news and media information about the pandemic and the situation across the state and territory,” she said.

Marina Chan


Marina Chan is a Melbourne-based Australian reporter with a focus on Australian news. Contact her at [email protected]