Paramotorist injured in accident in Scottish Highlands, support staff dead


Sasha Dench, who was trying to make the world’s first round the world in mainland England to raise awareness of climate change, was seriously injured after a paramotor accident in the western highlands of Scotland.

Dunbarton, a member of her support staff, was killed during an incident that took place late Saturday afternoon.

Dench is currently in a serious condition at the Royal Hospital of Aberdeen.

She was called a “human swan” because she attempted a 3,000-mile round Britain climate challenge prior to the Cop26 conference, which begins on October 31st.

Sasha Denchi flight
Paramotorist Sasha Denchi flying in Kelpees near Falkirk when he returned to Scotland on September 3, 2021. (Andrew Milligan / PA)

In a statement, a borderless protection trustee established by Dench said the accident occurred near Lake Na Gainmitch, far north of Scotland.

The statement states: “I am very sorry to have to confirm that support assistant driver Dan Burton has died as a result of the accident.

“Sasha Denchi is seriously injured and is being treated in a hospital. Her injury is serious but not life-threatening.

“Both experienced paramotorists, our idea is in Dan Burton’s family, where we offer our heartfelt condolences.

“Police and medical personnel are present at the incident and an investigation is underway to confirm the details of the accident.”

The statement added that the family members were notified and the Round Britain Climate Challenge is currently on hold.

Scottish police said police officers were warned around 4:45 pm on Saturday.

PA news agencies understand that Dench was flying with Burton earlier in the day. Burton’s role includes recording climate change challenges from the air, filming and photography.

Dench and Burton had landed at around 3:30 pm before taking off again.

The ground crew, who communicated with the flyers and picked them up on landing, subsequently lost contact.

Dench launched a climate change challenge in June and took off from Stevenston, North Ayrshire.

For the next few months she flew all over Britain, most recently over Falkirk’s Kelpies on September 3.

Daniel Harkins