Parents challenge the state to return transgender children


Australian mothers and fathers over custody of their children after the court ruled that they were “abuse” for refusing to allow them to undergo sex reassignment surgery after they were taken from their homes by police. I’m fighting.

Parents, who have appealed to the Supreme Court to overturn the ruling, allege that the 15-year-old did not raise doubts about gender or show signs of discomfort before being taken out of the family’s home.

On the other hand, medical staff in the Gender Identity Ward of Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) were warned about this problem only when they told them that their child had a gender identity problem.

“We were very shocked. Albert and Helen told the Epoch Times on September 3. The Epoch Times gave parents a pseudonym to protect themselves, their children, and the people involved in the incident. Agreed to give.

The facts of the case show that this is the first time in Australia that the state has taken a minor from his parents, despite disagreeing with the child’s self-defined gender identity.

Albert and Helen haven’t seen or talked to their children for nearly two years.

They said it was ridiculous to think that children “need protection” from the virtual harm they could cause, and police took the child out of the house without the explicit permission of their parents. The method was explained.

Helen remembered that night and said the child was in the bedroom when the whole family got together and heard the door knocked.

“I was surprised to see the police in front of the door,” Helen said.

The criminal record parents were completely surprised and said they first thought the child was in trouble when the police asked them to talk to them.

Albert said shortly thereafter, two male police officers needed to enter the family’s home and talk to a child outside. But instead, they escorted the child to a police car with colored windows.

Albert begged the police to explain what was happening, but said police officers would not provide details at that time and would go to Perth Children’s Hospital.

“I tried to see the kids through the dark window, and I tried to talk to them, but they didn’t open. That’s why they just ran away.”

“They ran away with my child,” he said.

“At that stage, I thought it was a kidnapping. I thought,” Wow, this can’t be done. Did these people just kidnap my child? Are they really cops? ” I thought he was a man dressed as a policeman. “

Albert said he and his wife tried to chase the car, but they couldn’t keep up with them.

“So we just went to the hospital, and fortunately they were there,” he said.

Helen explained that despite begging her to see her child at the hospital, PCH staff refused and did not explain why her child was taken to the hospital.

The next day, Albert was told that his child had been taken to a gender diversity service in the PCH Mental Health Ward, which specializes in children dealing with “gender identity, gender identity disorder, or gender dysphoria.”

Albert said ward nurses and psychologists told him that their children were now identified as boys and that references to suicide required immediate transsexual behavior. Mental health ward staff also refused to allow the child to see an independent psychologist confirm the diagnosis.

Later, when PCH approached the psychologist in front of the child, he said, the psychologist said that gender diversity was not nurtured in conversation.

To date, Albert and Helen have stated that they have not yet been given the opportunity to provide their children with an independent assessment.

In addition, the father said he was immediately pushed by a psychiatrist at PCH’s Gender Diversity Services to agree to allow hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery.

“They wanted us to approve and start treatments such as testosterone and amputation. [their] Breast off … that’s what they wanted us to approve, “he said.

Albert and Helen also claimed to have been “forced” to approve treatment for mentioning suicide, and were asked if they had “rather a dead daughter or a living son.”

They held back tears and explained that while the child was in the hospital, he was no longer allowed to talk to the child, even on his birthday. They said they just wanted to provide love and support to their children.

“We absolutely want to do our best for our children. We love her. We want to tell her that we love her. Still considered abuse. “

Albert and Helen also believe that they were targeted by their religious beliefs that they said they were used against them. They also said they were always feeling bullied.

“One of the hardest things for me is being told,’You’re this bad parent,'” Helen said. “It’s’you are abusive’,’ you are not a good parent for your child’. Even if you know you have done everything for that child.”

The Epoch Times contacted the Western Australian Child Protection Agency and PCH to confirm their parents’ allegations and determine if the measures taken in this case follow their protocol but did not receive a response at the time of publication. confirmed.

Taken with a surprise

Albert and Helen claim that the teenager has never raised a gender identity issue and was first discovered by Western Australian (WA) police after taking the child to a hospital.

Engineer Albert and college lecturer Helen said their children were ordinary rebellious teenagers, academically bright and very skilled in the arts.

Helen, who homeschooled all of the couple’s children, explained that their children felt like only children after their older siblings got a lot of attention when they went to college.

“We spent a lot of time together,” Helen said. “”[They] It was very open to come and hug and talk. “

Helen explained that after leaving the country at the age of 13, her child was depressed, and as many of her friends were gone, she moved from homeschooling to regular school in the hope that it would help her build new friendships. I chose to switch.

The parents also said they took their children to meet with a private psychologist and provided additional support.

Children’s online grooming allegations

However, Albert and Helen believe that the journey began when the children uploaded their drawings to the website.

According to parents, the child began drawing Japanese-style cartoons and then proceeded to the painting of human-like animals known as “fur-like art.”

However, the family claims that online messages from strangers gradually evolved into conversations, keeping children away from their parents.

“First, I sowed the seeds very delicately, using words like” Do you feel different from your family? ” My parents said.

Parents then say, “Your parents are oppressing you,” “You can talk to us safely,” and “You are mature for your age.” He said he frequently used what he called a “safe story.” “

Use a phrase like this: “You are not safe there. This is always a safe place to talk to us. Your parents won’t catch you, your siblings won’t catch you, but this is a safe place, You can tell us anything. We are safe. “

Parents claimed that these individuals suggested that the child was a “victim of society” and that “society trapped women.” They explained that the message encouraged and affirmed the child when they began to question gender identity.

A family lawyer also said it was shocking to find her client’s child being taught how to get a “T” (hormone testosterone therapy) without her parents’ knowledge. But the biggest concern was being taught how a child could make the transition without parental approval.

This includes being directly told that if they feel suicide and say “suicide” to a teacher or friend online, “the police will save you from an abusive family.” It is said.

Not just experience

Albert and Helen are not alone in their experience. Nearly 100 families experiencing a similar situation contacted us, according to the Australian branch of the group Parents for Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD), who told the Epoch Times on September 12.

A group spokesman said the situation for Albert and Helen was almost the same as for many families throughout Australia.

“When you start talking to them, I’m scared of how similar they are,” said a spokesman.

A spokeswoman explained that all parents who contacted the organization, including internationally, said they were offered a compulsory ultimatum at some point. They quickly confirmed the newly chosen gender identity of their child.

“They are all talented artists. Most of them are bullied at school. Most of them have some kind of personal trauma. It’s them who don’t fit well.”

Almost all of them drew “anime” style Japanese cartoon characters and participated in online discussions with strangers on websites such as DeviantArt, Reddit, Instagram, Tumblr, Discord, and TikTok, they said.

Many children were also influenced by online media, such as watching an adult YouTube video maker that provided up-to-date information on sex change progress, they said.

But it wasn’t just the online environment that was the problem. A spokeswoman also said the impact of teaching and encouraging children to explore gender identity extends beyond the Internet and is widespread in Australia’s education system.

In particular, “minus 18” is a number of resources that are regularly used as part of sex education in both public and private schools and to teach and promote gender diversity issues in high school. They said it was one of the online organizations.

According to them Website, Minus18 is a national non-profit charity and its mission is to make Australia free of discrimination for all LGBTQIA + youth. They believe that their work brings a sense of belonging and a sense of unity to young people in the LGBTQIA + community, helps them integrate into society and contributes to their mental health.

“Minus 18 helps young people rebuild their social networks and establish close and credible relationships that they find valuable and safe. This is what is needed to address the effects of homosexual aversion. “They said.

Organization too Offers In addition to information resources for LGBTQIA + youth and parents, professional training, student workshops, and online campaigns focused on generating and understanding inclusiveness about the LGBTQIA + community and issues.

However, a ROGD spokesman said some of the organizational material taught to children was awkward.

They said: Minus 18 lessons “How to play with gender expression” teaches young teenage boys how to “push” their genitals to make them look feminine and how to make girls look more masculine than “bunching” their breasts. Was included.

I’m also concerned that Minus18 teaches children how to hide their browser history from their parents, such as trying to meet other LGBTQIA + members without their parents’ knowledge, which could keep them away from their parents. Was there.

This was explained to the children in an article titled “Cover Your Tracks”. This article was subsequently removed from the website, but the Epoch Times was accessible using the Internet Archive.

“It’s important when you’re not out to see what you’re searching for online. Someone knows that your last Google search was” Gay Teens Melbourne. ” There’s nothing worse than having a look at you. NS Minus 18 articles Said.

Daniel Kumerev