Parents love Ryan Reynolds’ clever solution to his daughter’s obsession with “Baby Shark”

Ryan Reynolds is taking this whole parenting down.

44-year-old Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively joined a flock of other parents whose children were crazy about. “Baby shark.” To alleviate the situation, the actor and his three fathers came up with the perfect solution to his problem with the help of Lively and her movie “The Shallows” about a surfer attacked by a great white shark.

Reynolds shared this hilarious revelation about his youngest child, Betty. twitter And Instagram.. Reynolds and Lively are also parents of their daughters James (6 years old) and Inez (4 years old).

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“My one-year-old daughter is crazy about sharks. All day long. Every day. And there’s only one way to fix this,” he wrote, adding a promotional poster for the 2016 thriller.

The actor received a lot of support from fellow parents who are also crazy about their kids for the now-ending Pinkfong hit. 8.4 billion views On youtube.

One of the Twitter users who sympathized with Reynolds, respond In response to his tweet, “Tell me what happens in the hell of a shark here right now.”

“This is the best parenting advice I’ve ever got ?” Another fan answered.. “Thank you for the solution.”

“I need to write a parenting book! I’ll buy it …” wrote the third.

The· Father of three daughters He is frank about his experience raising children at Lively and usually sprinkles on his trademark sarcasm and wisdom.

Appearing at the beginning of last April’s pandemic “Tonight’s show”, He squirted Spend a fulfilling time with his children..

“It was a bit of a toss-up there. Need to quarantine with a family facing the public or a secret Danish family?” Reynolds joked. “I miss Luna, Lerke, and Unna. That’s right.”

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In November, the actor sat down with Hodakot today, The best and worst parts of life in a blockade.. “The best I can say is spending time with my family and children, and spending incredibly focused time with them during a life I’ll never return to,” he said. ..

In the worst case, his answer was about the same. “If I choose the worst, it’s probably the incredibly focused time I’ve spent with my kids in a time I’ll never come back, so … it’s completely frank here,” he jokes. Said.

Aviation Gin co-owner Entertainment tonight Last November he talked about which daughter he enjoys spending most with.

“I have a newborn baby. She’s been a little over a year now, so I really like spending time with her because it’s fun to see her grow up.”