Parents must quickly decide whether they want their children to repeat an unprecedented COVID grade

Fayette’s family, who think their child is suffering academically during a pandemic, can demand a year-long repetition under new state law in just two weeks until May 1.

Under the law, the Fayette County Board of Education and other districts in Kentucky must decide by June 1, 2021 whether to accept all requests from students or not at all. There is. ..

Under a new law approved by the Kentucky State Capitol in March, students currently enrolled in grade K-12 will use grade 2021-22 to retake courses or grades taken in 2020-21. Or you can supplement. Today, most districts in the state are returning directly.

Kentucky Board of Education Jason E. Glass said at a supervisory meeting this week that state officials do not know how many students will repeat the year and how the new program will affect the district.

In his message, Helm already has an established process in every Fayet school to retain students if they don’t have the content they need to move on to the next grade.

“The difference in this program is that families can request retention and create a route for older people who have earned enough credits to graduate and return to fifth grade,” Helm said. ..

Sponsor Senate Bill 128 Senator Max Wise of R-Campbellsville, who created the “Supplementary Grade Program,” sees the law as helping students who have lost a year’s opportunities in learning, extracurricular activities, mental health, and relationships. It states.

Those interested in this option must complete the district’s online request form by 11:59 pm on May 1st.

“We understand that this can be a difficult decision for your family given the short timeline, but the law requires a quick turnaround. Fayette County Public Schools , We would like to help you make informed decisions about whether this option is suitable for your child, “Helm said.

Information about Senate Bill 128 Supplementary grade program District website.. The district has a dedicated email address ([email protected]) for sending questions about the program.

Supplements Courses taken during the year must be courses that the student previously enrolled in 2020-21 or have a reasonable connection to the previous course.

Students may not retake or supplement courses or repeat grade levels from any grade prior to 2020-21. You also cannot use supplemental grades to explore courses that you did not have the opportunity to take in the previous year.

Students who choose a supplementary year can participate in extracurricular activities. Third-year high school student athletes can qualify for the fifth year. High school must meet the age and other qualification requirements of the Kentucky High School Association. If a student is 19 years old before August 1, 2021, he will be disqualified from KHSAA Sports during the 2021-22 academic year, Helm said.

In a budget session of the Fayette Board of Education on Thursday night, board members said that if a sufficient number of Fayette students repeat the year, they may have to hire more staff. ..

School districts throughout Kentucky were telling their families about the program and its pending deadlines.

State education officials said at a recent supervisory meeting that districts could use federal COVID incentives to pay for supplementary academic year programs.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has not only influenced education in unprecedented ways, but has also changed the educational environment in the future,” Grass said in a recent statement. “This bill is one example. We want our districts to have all the resources they need to provide relevant information when students, families and school officials make these important decisions. thinking about.”