Parents of a murdered Israeli-American girl want a Biden meeting


Jerusalem (AP) — A family of Israeli-American girls killed in a 2001 Palestinian suicide bombing in Jerusalem hopes to expel a woman convicted of a deadly attack on Jordan. I am seeking a meeting with President Joe Biden.

Marquis Ross’s parents turned to Biden on Sunday and asked him to meet the president when he came to Jerusalem this week. They want the president to put pressure on Jordan, a close ally of the United States, to send Ahed Tamimi to the United States for trial.

“We are parents of the bereaved family like you, teacher. There is a burning feeling that the injustice triggered by the murder of a child is winning,” Frimet and Arnold Rothstein wrote in a letter. “Please deal with this so that only US leaders can do it.”

Ross has been campaigning for Ahed Tamimi’s deportation since he was released from Israel in a prisoner exchange with a Hamas radical group in 2011. Under that contract, Tamimi was sent to her hometown of Jordan. There she lives freely and has a familiar face in the media. Jordanian authorities refused the call to hand her over.

On August 9, 2001, a Palestinian bomber set foot in a pizzeria in Jerusalem, blasting it and killing 15 people. Two American citizens, including 15-year-old Marquilos, were among the dead.

Tamimi, who chose a target and led the bomber there, was arrested a few weeks later and sentenced to life imprisonment 16 times by Israel. She hasn’t expressed her regrets since her release, and she even boasts that she’s happy with the high death toll.and 2017 interview She said with the Associated Press that Palestinians have the right to resist Israel by all means, including deadly attacks.

Ross has repeatedly urged US officials to pressure Jordan, which has received billions of dollars in US aid, to bring Tamimi to trial.

The United States has charged Tamimi for conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction against the American people. The indictment was sealed in 2013 and announced by the Justice Department four years later. Her name has been added to the FBI’s list of most wanted terrorists.

The United States and Jordan signed an extradition treaty in 1995. However, in 2017, Jordan’s High Court reportedly blocked her surrender and claimed that the treaty had not been ratified.

Two years ago, the Trump administration Considering withholding aid to Jordan No action was taken regarding the incident, but in the end.

Jordan is one of the closest partners of the United States in the Arab world, seen as a force of moderation and stability in the volatile Middle East. US officials appear to be wary of igniting a diplomatic crisis with major allies.

“Something is obviously terribly wrong about how America’s most sought after female fugitives are being tracked,” Ross wrote in a letter sent to Biden through the US Embassy.

“I would like to meet and explain this in person. President, in our eyes, tell us how the King of Jordan can become a commendable ally,” they added.

Biden will land in Israel on Wednesday and head for the Saudi Arabia Middle East Summit on Friday. Jordanian officials are expected at the summit, but he has no plans to be in Jordan.

There was no immediate comment from the White House or the Royal Hashemit Court of Jordan.

Ross’s letter was sent a few days after the murder of a family of Palestinian-American journalists while reporting an Israeli attack on the west bank of the occupied Jordan. Crash into Biden About his administration’s reaction to her death.

A relative of Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh expressed “sadness, anger, and (a) a sense of betrayal” in a letter accusing the United States of trying to extinguish Israel’s responsibility for death.

A U.S. investigation concluded that Abu Acre was likely killed in an Israeli fire, but also said she was deliberately targeted “for no reason to believe.” Israel states that Abu Acre was killed in a gun battle with Palestinian militants, and it is unknown who fired the deadly ammunition. Palestinians say Israel deliberately killed her.

The White House refused to comment on his visiting letter or request for a family meeting.