Parents of Auburn 3-year-old girl announce her death after battle with cancer

A 3-year-old girl who had battled cancer for most of her life died Thursday night at her home just days after holding a parade in her hometown of Auburn.

June Peden Studd, daughter of Ari Peden and Adam Studd of Auburn, had stage 4 neuroblastoma, a progressive kidney cancer usually seen in children under the age of 10. Facebook page They created to document June’s battle with the disease.

“Our sweet Junie passed away last night at 8pm at home, in the arms of me and Adam,” her mother wrote in the post. We are so happy to know that is playing again and free from pain. Until we meet again, sweet girl.”

June was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when she was 13 months old, and her first tumor had spread to her bones and other organs. She spent most of her life being treated for her condition and had chemotherapy on multiple occasions.

She enjoyed going to the playground with her parents, kicking a soccer ball, and spending time with her friends. According to Peden, she was a “bright light” who got along with anyone who met her.

“She makes new friends wherever she goes,” Peden said. “She is very cocky and brave, but she is also very kind, and everyone who meets her loves her.”

Her dying wish was to hold a parade in her honor. The city of Auburn make a wish illinois, was achieved last Saturday. Hundreds of people, cars and organizations came to Auburn to brighten the dying girl’s day.

In addition to the parade, the city declared December 17th to be June’s Peden-Stade Day, and in the proclamation she said she “selflessly prayed for a cause greater than her own, the whole community and the state of central Illinois.” We have brought it all together,” he said.

The city of Taylorville also provided her with city keys on Monday, declaring December 19th Pedenstad Day in June.

This article was first published in the State Journal-Register. Auburn 3-year-old dies after battling cancer