Parents of Vail, Arizona did not remove the school district’s Maskman Date

Claim: Parents in Vail, Arizona took over the school board and removed Maskman Date

A group of parents recently protesting Mask’s obligations Flocked to the Vail Unified School District Conference In Arizona, triggered an online claim by the group to acquire a school board.

Protest by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Announced on April 19 Withdraw state-wide orders instructing schools from kindergarten to high school to request masks. This gave the district the option to implement its own face-covering policy. It was planned to be discussed by Vail’s school board before the meeting was canceled due to safety concerns.

The school district disagrees with the claim that parents have replaced the school board, but some users of social media claim that parents’ meetings have legal effect. ..

“Wow. Parents of Vail, Arizona have taken over the school board. Everything has followed the rules. I voted for a brand new committee and immediately removed Mask’s obligations. Democracy is working! Just great ! ”Read the April 27th screenshot Tweet..

The tweet was shared with Instagram And Facebook on April 28th in various social media accounts, including the Donald Trump fan club page Position It has over 2,100 shares and 7,400 reactions.

On April 28th, a Facebook user shared a tweet and I have written, “In case you’re wondering what happens if you mess with people’s children too long.”

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In a message to USA TODAY, Facebook users point to April 28th video A protest by a page holding a mask in Minnesota. Other users did not return a request for comment.

what happened?

The allegation that parents elected a new school board video went Viral Parents holding a rally against Maskman Date in the lobby of the Vail Education Center, where the school board is located Meeting It was scheduled to be held on April 27th.

In one of the videos, the crowd begins to cheer after “Board members” say “there is no mask policy throughout the Bale school district, and all teachers and students will have a choice.”

The crowd was estimated to be about 100 people. The official board of directors was canceled because parents pushed the mask into the facility while refusing to wear it. KGUN-TV..A few Protesters were armed And lawmakers couldn’t disperse the ever-growing crowd.

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In the absence of elected school board members, parents Hold instant informal elections, So they chose their own board and voted to withdraw the mask policy.The· crowd Claim Robert Proceedings Rules Allowed them to overthrow the school board.

Maskman date remains the same

The school district’s mask mandate and school board remained valid, and authorities said the elections held by the parents were invalid.

“It’s a promotional stunt,” said Bale police officer John Carus. KGUN-TV.. “The new board needs to be voted through the legitimately elected process of voters in this community. That didn’t happen last night.”

In addition, local lawyer Steve Portel told the outlet that the Robert Parliamentary Procedure “has no legal effect on replacing Arizona law and dismissing elected civil servants.”

In addition, Robert Parliamentary Rules I need An elected chairman or chairman was elected to promote the election, but it was not.

Darcy Menthone, Director of Communications and Public Relations, Vail Unified School District Told the lead story The improvisational elections of the protesters were not official. The crowd interrupted the study session prior to the meeting.

Mentone added that, as many have claimed, elected members of the Vail school board have been postponed due to safety concerns. She said the board could not change the mask policy, as members only planned to discuss mitigation strategies and not vote, even if the meeting took place. ..

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The Vail United School District will re-schedule the meeting, and nothing has been announced as to whether Maskman Date, which will expire in June, will be featured as an item. KOLD News 13..

Our rating: False

According to our research, the claim that Vail’s parents elected a new school board and removed the school district’s mask mandate is false. After actual board members left the building due to safety concerns and confusion from protesters, parents held their own intended elections. Lawyers and coach Bale say the election was not legally valid.

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