Park Yeon-mi said she was robbed by three women, and bystanders stopped her from calling the police

North Korean defectors Park Yeon Mi She says she couldn’t ask for help when she was robbed in Chicago last year because bystanders banned her to become a “racist.”

What’s wrong: 27-year-old Park recalls the incident in a new interview with a podcaster Joe Rogan, Working on her experience as a child in North Korea and as an asylum in the United States, she said it happened when she plundered the city last summer.

  • Park was out with her baby and nanny when three black women allegedly robbed her near Saks Fifth Avenue on Michigan Avenue. The suspect tried to escape, but she managed to bite a woman with a wallet.

  • Park hugged the woman and tried to call the police. At this point, the woman is said to have begun to blame her for racism and hit her breasts. “You are a racist! My skin color doesn’t make me a thief,” she reminded me of a woman.

  • The situation became more difficult for Park as bystanders she identified as white gathered on the scene and allegedly prevented her from calling law enforcement agencies. She also said they would let go of the suspect.

  • “These people on the street, these bystanders who were white, called me a racist,” Park claimed. “They give me their color [the robbers’] The skin does not make them thieves. “

  • Park also said he saw a white mother pointing at her to explain racism in the United States to teenagers. “Look at that racist, that’s the problem we have,” she recalled as her mother said.

aftermath: Park said the incident marked the beginning of becoming her “speaking” and “enemy of awakening.” When a group of about 20 bystanders prevented her from calling the police, she thought, “This country has lost it.”

  • A 27-year-old woman emphasized that if the same thing happened in North Korea, bystanders would have naturally helped the victims. “They aren’t going to shout,’You’re a racist!’ From nowhere,” she said.

  • Park said police were able to find the suspect after checking the surveillance footage and tracking the credit card.Report from CWB Chicago Shows that 29-year-old Recletia Harris was arrested in connection with the case and initially charged with felony.

  • Harris reportedly pleaded guilty to illegal detention in exchange for a two-year sentence. The prosecutor withdrew the alleged robbery as part of a plea bargain.

Watch a full interview with Park on Joe Rogan Experience here..

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