Parks Canada announces two deaths after an avalanche on Mount Alberta

Sunday, July 19, 2020, Columbia Icefield near Jasper, Arta (Canada Press / Jeff Mackintosh)

Jasper, Alberta-Parks, Canada, announced that an avalanche struck Mount Alberta, a popular mountaineer, killing two people.

Steve Young, a correspondent at Jasper National Park, said a slab avalanche broke out on Mount Andmeda on the Columbia Icefield near Jasper, Arta, on Sunday morning. No other injuries have been reported.

Young knew nothing about why the two victims came to the area, but the mountain is known as a popular mountaineer.

Young had no information about the identities or birthplaces of the deceased.

STARS Air Ambulance dispatched three helicopters to the area.

Spokeswoman Deborah Tetley later said she “stopped” because the chopper was “not medically needed.”

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