Parliament must pass a bill banning Afghanistan’s withdrawal until all Americans leave

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (Republican) tells Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Republican) for an urgent session to assess the situation in Afghanistan and pass a bill to extend the August 31 deadline. Call for the chair to be recalled.

“It’s time for Congress to act swiftly to save lives. Chairman Pelosi has been thoroughly and comprehensively explained by the Biden administration and bans the withdrawal of troops until all Americans leave Afghanistan. Parliament must be reopened by 31 August so that Congressman Gallagher’s law can be passed, “McCarthy said in a statement.

Rep. Mike Gallagher (Republican) has submitted a bill this week to prevent President Joe Biden from resigning until all Americans leave Afghanistan.

“It’s time for this agency, this parliament to act, make the administration accountable, and save lives. The bill says the number of Americans left in the country and the Afghan allies seeking evacuation. We will do that by requiring Congress to report on the number of our troops daily. The bill also strictly prohibits the president from withdrawing our troops. It looks like it has doubled on the day of withdrawal, “Gallerger said in a speech on the house floor on August 24.

He said those left behind in Afghanistan may be too late to save their faces, but not too late to save their lives, as those left behind are at great risk from the Taliban.

Pelosi told reporters Wednesday that he believed in the president’s decision on the date of withdrawal.

“The decision to leave is a decision made by the President, who must balance the threat to our troops and airport people and the fairness of the benefits of staying. It’s like what I said yesterday, but I think we might, and much more will be revealed in that regard. ” Pelosi said..

Meanwhile, McCarthy has criticized Pelosi and Democrats for not spending time resolving the crisis in Afghanistan this week and instead holding votes to pass $ 5 trillion in spending.

“How much time do you spend finding more Americans who were actually there? What we can do is actually pick up Gallagher’s invoice. How many Americans are there now? Mr. McCarthy In response to a reporter asking what Congress can do to make a difference in Afghanistan, we issue a statement from Congress, which is the same branch.

“At least that was what we had to do. We should have held a hearing about what we needed there. There to make people go home faster and more safely. Need more troops? Well, send a message to the president. We are our own body. We can speak for ourselves, and we should. But Under this majority, the speaker decided we wouldn’t. The only thing we talk about is $ 5 trillion for a socialist wishlist, “McCarthy added.

However, Mr Pelosi said parliamentary time was well spent on voting sessions to pass Biden’s economic agenda.

“We had a very good day in Congress [Tuesday].. I would like to pay tribute to my caucuses for the Build Back Better initiative, a commitment to the values ​​they have shown in accepting the president’s budget. ” Pelosi told reporters..


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