Parliament Riot Judge: Riot “Not Patriotism”

A federal judge who ruled a man in Michigan on Wednesday US Capitol Riot He dismissed the idea that he was a political prisoner.

News promotion: Judge Amy Berman Jackson points out that “millions of people” have voted for him and sentenced Calmette’s Karl Dresh “because he is a supporter of former President Trump.” He said he did not.According to the Parliament Building Detroit News..

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“He is not a political prisoner … he was enthusiastic about his efforts to overturn the election process.”

Excerpt from Jackson’s remarks Via WUSA9

  • “You called yourself and all the other patriots, but it’s not patriotism,” Judge Amy Berman Jackson told Dress. According to CNN..

  • “Patriotism is loyalty to the country, loyalty to the Constitution, not loyalty to the head of state. It is a tyranny that we rejected on July 4.”

Big picture: Jackson sentenced Dresh to six months in prison. He will be released on Wednesday or Thursday, the time he has worked since he was imprisoned in January while awaiting trial. According to his lawyer..

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