Parliamentarians flying to Kabul demand resignation in Washington, DC

Bill Clark / Getty

Bill Clark / Getty

On Tuesday, Congressman Peter Meyer secretly flew to Afghanistan to see first-hand the turmoil of evacuation at Hamid Karuzi Airport. On Friday, he noticed that he was wrestling with the deaths of 13 soldiers guarding the very gate he observed.

Now, a freshman Republican said that although he hadn’t named him yet, officials responsible for placing troops in what he called “impossible positions” should resign. rice field.

“I think it’s pretty shameful without the honor of resigning frankly and taking responsibility. I think it’s a decision an individual needs to make. But if they have the honor, they I will accept my responsibility, “he told The Daily Beast in an interview on Friday. Be held responsible. “

He added that Congress would have to intervene if those individuals did not “do the right thing.”

Asked by some members of the Republican Party whether it would extend to a possible impeachment investigation, Meyer reviewed the article and said, “Based on the strength of the prosecution and the facts of the scene. Make a decision. “

“We absolutely need generous accountability for those who put our troops in the current impossible position,” he said.

Three days ago, a Michigan Republican who served in Iraq’s Army Reserve and worked for an NGO in Afghanistan, he and Democrat Seth Moulton (MA) shocked Washington officials from the Pentagon. When I got angry, I witnessed the position directly. Parliament building by making an unauthorized trip to Kabul.

However, Meyer absolutely needs their fraudulent travel to reach the truth of the situation the military faced after the briefings received by Congress were old or incomplete or inconsistent with on-site reports. I said that.

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Due to the reality they observed, both he and Moulton changed their minds as to whether the date of withdrawal should be extended.

“It’s an upside-down world. I want to stay as long as possible to get as many people as possible, but the sad reality is that we are completely dependent on the Taliban,” he said. “With the Taliban’s help, we can get rid of at least most people with little trouble.”

Violations of this pose a risk of open conflict with the Taliban and could further cost the lives of Americans and Afghan civilians.

“It’s a catastrophic and bizarre scenario that no one is there,” he said.

He described an army that needed to bring infants and Afghans in wheelchairs out of the gate without proper documentation. This is a painful job of “no training”.

“When I say this is an impossible position, it’s not only from a security point of view, but also from a tactical point of view, not a moral point of view,” he said.

Several House and Senate committees, including the House Foreign Affairs Committee of which Meyer is a member, have indicated that they will hold hearings on the evacuation of Afghanistan within the next few months.

But beyond monitoring the immediate situation in Afghanistan, Meyer said it was imperative that Congress regain its war power rather than allow it to “outsource” to the White House, the legislature said. The war in Afghanistan begins from its beginnings with the authority of Article 1.

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Meyer, who took over Michigan’s seat from the fiercely independent legislator Justin Amash, appears to have risen to the right after Amash, who turned from a former Republican to a Libertarian, was interrupted by parliamentary war authority.

“The problem is that we outsourced all of that to the president,” Meyer said. “These are essentially the responsibilities of Congress.”

Before he goes on to mention former President George W. Bush’s lie about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the 20-year war “relies entirely on intelligence analysis where the legislature is being manipulated by the president. “When I was there,” he said it was happening. , And former President Barack Obama, who downplays the strength of ISIS throughout his time at the White House.

“What happens when they use the assessment to support the political convenience of the moment,” he said. “We have been denying reality before it comes back and bites our ass.”

Meyer also expressed support for the possibility of forming a 9.11-style committee to create a complete, blank description of the war in Afghanistan.

“It’s essential, especially when this moment is still fresh. You can’t distract,” he said. “We never put other American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and intelligence personnel in the position we put them on those who gave their lives, those who gave their hearts, and those who gave youth to this mission. We have a duty to avoid it. We have exercised force abroad for the last 20 years, especially for the last 20 days. “

Thirteen soldiers died on Thursday when a suicide bomber managed to approach a gate checking Afghan documents trying to access the airport.

Asked if he had met the deceased, Meyer stopped and sighed deeply.

“I don’t want to go into it too much, but I knew the group,” he said. “I’m coming from afar, yes, my heart is just broken for those men, obviously their family, their colleagues. They should never be in that position. But they did, so they did their best with what they had, and they saved their lives. “

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