Parliamentarians Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz, AOC, and Cori Bush joined 39 other parliamentarians and urged Biden to seek parliamentary approval before sending troops to Ukraine.

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Republican representatives and progressive lawmakers co-signed a letter urging President Biden to seek congressional approval before “engaging” US troops in hostilities.Stock photos via Getty Images

  • A bipartisan group of 43 members urged Biden to obtain parliamentary approval before sending troops to Ukraine.

  • Parliamentarians co-signed a letter to the president, despite having a harsh history with each other.

  • US troops are currently stationed in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and tensions in the region are increasing.

Forty-three lawmakers from both sides of the aisle dispatched U.S. forces after receiving Congressional approval from President Joe Biden. Ongoing Russian-Ukraine conflict..

The letterThe Tuesday date was signed by both progressive lawmakers. Republican representative of the Trump Alliance, including Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Cori Bush, and Matt Gaetz and Paul Gossar. The letter calls for Biden to comply with the Constitution and seek congressional approval before “engaging” the US military in hostilities.

“We urge your government to respect the authority of separation of powers, US law, and the constitutional war powers of Congress,” the letter reads.

“If your government attempts to bring U.S. forces into hostilities or refuses to exclude U.S. military personnel currently deployed in Ukraine from unauthorized or imminent hostilities, Congress will We are ready to discuss the potential monumental implications of such a scenario, “the letter added.

“Americans deserve to speak through Congressional representatives before the U.S. military is harmed or the United States is involved in yet another foreign conflict,” he wrote.

This letter represents a rare case of a progressive and far-right Republican representative crossing the party’s boundaries in a call for joint action.

Some of the signers are involved in personal spats.For example, in November Gossar posted his anime compilation, which killed Ocasio Cortez in a huge way. Also in November, Bush called For the expulsion of three Republicans, including Gosar — It was the one who offered the internship to Kyle Rittenhouse after the age of 18. Acquitted By shooting two men.

As tensions over the crisis in Ukraine and Russia increase, lawmakers are also calling.Tuesday, President Joe Biden The United States and its allies warned Russia that it would “protect every corner of NATO’s territory.” He also announced that US troops would head to the Baltic states to strengthen their defenses — in the form of additional troops in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

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