Parliamentarians say more border-related facilities are needed in Dover after the new customs center is demolished


Dover needs a lot of border-related facilities on Friday after the customs center was closed to save taxpayers’ money, local MPs said.

Natalie Elficke said she is working with the government to look for other ways to use the site to keep traffic flowing.

The comment said on Thursday that HMRC no longer needed to open a new Inland Border Facility (IBF) right next to Dover’s A2 road to address post-Brexit border checks. It was sent.

Construction work on the premises began in April when Elfic attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

The new center was expected to invest millions of pounds in the region and create 400 jobs.

HMRC said the review showed that the existing facility had enough capacity to handle the flow of traffic, eliminating the need for the planned £ 120 million new IBF site. rice field.

Two temporary IBFs in Birmingham and North Weald will also be closed earlier than planned, HMRC said. “The Holyhead and Sevington sites are fully operational and well-suited to demand.”

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An aerial photo of a field near the village of Gaston near Dover, Kent, without a date. The Ministry of Transport plans to purchase the White Cliff Site and turn it into an inland border facility and heavy truck park for 1,200 trucks. (Gareth Fuller / PA Media)

The land was purchased by the Department of Transportation (DfT) to reduce pressure on Kent’s road network, a coastal county that includes many ports, including Dover, Europe’s busiest ferry port.

DfT said it is currently “exploring alternative options” for developing land.

In response to the announcement, Elfic said the facilities needed in the area were “not in short supply.”

“More than two years have passed since Brexit, and government plans continue to evolve on what is needed for the post-Brexit border,” the MP said in a statement.

“There is no shortage of border-related facilities needed in our area,” she said, “how this strategic site can be optimally used to support Dover Harbor and maintain traffic. We are working with DfT to consider it. It’s flowing down the roads of Dover and Kent. “

Last month, a Conservative MP said the port town was “becoming famous for traffic jams as well as the White Cliffs.”

PA Media contributed to this report.

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