Parliamentarians vacate federal Senate seats with COVID-19 blockade


Former police officers, dance teachers, and state politicians will be the latest additions to the Liberal Democratic Party bidding on the Australian Senate.

Victorian Legislative David Limbrick, along with recently resigned police officer Cristol Mitchell and ballet school teacher Caroline White, will join the Liberal Democratic Party in the next federal elections scheduled by May 2022. Candidate for Victorian Legislative Senator.

The Minor Party is steadily a candidate throughout the year, onboarding former Prime Minister Campbell Newman in August to run in Queensland’s race and former Liberal Party member John Radick to run in New South Wales. Has built a team of.

The Liberal Democratic Party also signed a preference agreement with the United Australia Party earlier this week.

For the past 20 months, Limbrick, who vacates the Senate of the Victorian Parliament, said he was “awakened to the idea” that Victorians needed to stand up for their rights.

“One of the things the LDP can do is that it was a party that could prove that we were always defending your rights,” he said. Video posted on Facebook November 25.

“I didn’t see a strong representative defending my rights in Congress, so today I would like to announce with my team my intention to run for the Senate in the next federal election.”

Limbrick has long criticized the government’s response to pandemics, where hard lockdowns and public health directives are frequently used to control the outbreak of the virus.

Mitchell, who appears with Limbrick in the video, publicized Victoria Police in October during a live streaming interview due to concerns over the enforcement of public health directives by the state government and the deterioration of the “between police and community” relationship. Resigned to.

“Why a career in politics? Well, I’ve been serving the community, and that’s the best job I know how to do,” she said.

“While our state is eroding democracy and depriving citizens of their basic freedoms and freedoms, I think of many who have been waiting for federal leadership to step up, and It just didn’t happen, “she added. It was these experiences that made her join the Liberal Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, White is the director of the Two Shoes Dance Academy and previously talked about the blockade and limitations of the damage that is causing her business.

“As a small business owner and mother, I have experienced the devastation of repeated blockades, inhumane restrictions and mandates, and now the isolation of children as well as adults in our society. And I have a great deal of sympathy for this, and the impact this daily harassment has on our daily lives, “she said.

The Liberal Democratic Party nominates a replacement for Limbrick. The party currently holds two seats in the Legislative Council of the Victorian Parliament.

Daniel Y. Ten