Parliamentary riot suspect wore an “I Was There” shirt when he was arrested

Garrett Miller didn’t talk to law enforcement officers who arrested him for attacking the US Capitol in January, but the T-shirt he wore at his home in Dallas that day had a clear and perhaps criminal message. I sent that.

There was a photo on the mirror shirt Former President Donald Trump, And it said, “Regain America,” “I was there, Washington, DC, January 6, 2021.” A federal prosecutor said in a court filed Monday.

The prosecutor, Miller January 6 Riot In the capital of the country.

“I didn’t feel I did anything wrong and I’m trapped now,” Miller told his mother in a recorded phone call shortly after his arrest, prosecutors said.

Like many Over 300 people facing federal crime In connection with the siege, Miller thoroughly documented and commented on his actions for the day with a surge in social media posts.

After Miller posted a selfie of herself inside the Capitol building, another Facebook user wrote: How nice! “I just wanted to blame myself,” Miller replied, the prosecutor said.

Authorities said Miller had joined the mob who broke the Capitol building and later threatened to kill New York lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Capitol police officers.

According to prosecutors, Miller tweeted her “AOC assassination” after a Democrat tweeted the word “impeachment.” In a January 10 post on Instagram, Miller said police officers who shot and killed women in a riot crowd should be executed on television, prosecutors said.

“By bringing a gun to the Capitol on January 6, 2021, with tactical equipment, ropes, and potentially his own approval, Miller not only caught him in the frenzy of the crowd, Instead, it was about disrupting the democratic process of counting and proving the votes of the Electoral College, who showed that they had intentionally come to DC, “the prosecutor wrote.

A federal security judge in Texas ordered Miller to be detained after being arrested on January 20. On February 12, a grand jury in the District of Columbia charged Miller with 12 charges, including civil turmoil, obstruction of public affairs, assault on officers, resistance, and obstruction.

Miller’s lawyer has sought to release his client from detention for expressing regret over his actions.

“Nevertheless, he has no history of violence and, unlike many others who were previously released, has never committed violence in connection with the crimes charged,” he said. Person F. Clinton Broden writes.

Miller remains imprisoned in Oklahoma City. His transport to Washington has been put on hold because he broke his collarbone while playing soccer in a recreation yard in a Dallas prison.

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