Parliamentary riot suspects could be sent back to jail after seeing Mike Lindell’s “Cyber ​​Symposium” and breaking pretrial release rules.

Capitol Riot Army

A scene of a riot in the Parliament building. AP photo

  • Douglas Jensen was banned from accessing the Internet as part of his pretrial release.

  • He could be sent back to jail after the prosecution said he had watched a video of election conspiracy theory.

  • Jensen also admitted to watching Mike Lindell’s “Cyber ​​Symposium” for two days.

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Parliamentary riot suspects may later be sent back to prison The prosecutor said He broke the pre-trial release rules by watching a video of conspiracy theory on his mobile phone, including Mike Lindell’s “Cyber ​​Symposium.” This is an event where the CEO of My Pillow spread an unfounded election conspiracy theory.

Douglas Jensen is waiting for trial Some federal crimes In connection with the January 6 riots Where he was filmed in front of a police officer Invaded the Houses of Parliament with a QAnon T-shirt.

Jensen spent several months in prison after his arrest, Released under strict conditions in July After his lawyer claimed he was “fooled” by the QAnon movementLie pack“About the fraudulent elections by former President Donald Trump.

Those conditions It contains Prohibition of access to the Internet and prohibition of learning passcodes to Internet-connected devices owned by his family.

according to Filing published on ThursdayThe prosecutor said court officials found Jensen in the iPhone’s garage streaming video from the video-sharing platform Rumble.

They later admitted that Jensen owned the iPhone and watched Lindel’s “Cyber ​​Symposium” for two days. There, many speakers, one cybersecurity expert said, “garbage.. “

Therefore, the prosecutor said Jensen should be revoked from his pretrial release and returned to prison.

They proved that his determination to continue to look at the conspiracy theory, as he claimed when he denied QAnon at a bond hearing, proved that he had not changed, “his in DC prison. The alleged epiphany was just a self-assertion. “

“Jensen succeeded in violating one of the most difficult conditions to enforce in the worst possible way,” said Filing, who read earlier. Report by BuzzFeed News..

“He proved that even six months in prison would not discourage him from returning to the conspiracy theory of assaulting federal officials on January 6, 2021.”

“Contrary to what Jensen claimed at his hearing, he is still very much bought into QAnon’s” Lie Pack “. “

Jensen will submit an answer to next week’s submission, BuzzFeed News reported..

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