Parliamentary riots that deleted social media posts of their involvement may have further charged themselves

Parliament riots

Some of the Capitol rioters who posted their images and videos in the January 6 riots and deleted them may have even more legal problems. Associated Press report.

According to AP, at least 49 people charged with riots have been accused of removing criminal content from social media and phones, but only a handful have actually been charged with tampering with online content. ..

Experts told AP that removing content shows how desperate it was for defendants to manipulate evidence against them after realizing they were facing legal issues. , It can make it difficult to get a judicial transaction or other kind of generosity.

“It makes them look tricky and sneaky,” said Gabriel J. Chin, a criminal law teacher at the University of California, Davis.

January 6, supporters of former President Donald Trump violation With the US Capitol Clashed with law enforcement. The riot killed five people, including police officers.

In one case, AP bragged about Oath Keepers member James Breheny’s involvement in the riot, but two days after someone told them to remove all posts related to the event I reported that I deleted the Facebook account that held the post.

Some parliamentary riots Catch after posting And brag about their experience Social media.. Some people posted their own photos in the building. I took a picture at the desk of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

However, his lawyer, Harley Bright, claimed he had not interfered with the judiciary because he did not know that it could be evidence when he closed his account.

“You can’t remove the evidence without knowing that you’re being charged with something,” Bright said.

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Removing content from your account or phone seems easy, but prosecutors may request data from social media companies.

In addition, the person who receives or views the deleted content may save the content and send it to the authorities. Content metadata can also indicate if the content has changed.

“You can’t do that,” Miami’s criminal defense counsel Joel Hirschhorn, who wasn’t involved in the Capitol riots, told AP. “Metadata runs them every time.”

545 people Indicted for riots in Parliament So far.

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