Part of California celebrates White Christmas after snowfall

Los Angeles (AP) — In parts of California, it’s snowing all over the state and white Christmas is taking place.

However, in other parts of California, rain and rain Christmas was seen as storms continued to flood the state, causing flash floods and evacuation in some areas during the holidays.

Staff at the University of California, Berkeley at the Donor Pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains Central Sierra Snow Institute wondered on Twitter Whether recent snowfall can break the 179-inch (4.6 meters) snowiest December record set in 1970.

At least 119 inches (3 meters) have been recorded so far this month , According to Mercury News, More expectations in the next 72 hours.

Snow cover in Sierra has been dangerously low after the dry weather of the last few weeks, Department of Water Resources As reported on Christmas Eve, snow cover is usually 114% to 137% across the range, with more snow expected.

In the San Bernardino National Forest, crew members are working on a $ 4.2 million emergency project to repair part of National Highway 18, which washed away the hillside at the end of Thursday after heavy rains. San Bernardino San.

Roads are the main route to Big Bear Lake, and closures near Panorama Point could be “days, if not weeks,” the newspaper reported.

In the Los Angeles area, it is likely that it will rain and snow in the mountains next week. National Weather Service, The temperature will be significantly lower than usual until the middle of the week.

San Diego Region Heavy snowfall should occur in the mountains of San Bernardino and Riverside County, and showers should be scattered on Thursday, which can lead to more rainfall.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Bay Area is expected to rain until Monday and become cold and dry by the middle of next week. The Meteorological Bureau said..

A storm across the west could rain and snow much of the region next week, causing long cold waves in the Pacific Northwest, causing heavy rainfall earlier this week in the now distant atmosphere. Follow the river.

Rain and snow records were broken in Nevada, and Oregon state officials declared an emergency prior to sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice.

According to recent forecasts, the areas of Seattle and Portland could have at least an inch of snow on Sundays. Snow is usually not seen in these areas.

However, forecasters and state officials said the main concern was the coldness of the region, and next week’s daytime highs were struggling to reach below freezing, enough for people experiencing homelessness and heating. It states that it is likely to affect people who are unavailable.